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10 Landscaping Design Ideas and Tips

The landscaping market in the US is projected to grow at a 4.5% CAGR between 2020 to 2025. The projected demand is due to young households developing an interest in landscape maintenance. The right landscaping design ideas can make a difference by improving curb appeal.

Achieving that desired look on your landscape is no easy feat. You could do with a bit of help on how to make your garden wow your neighbors.

A great garden improves the air quality around your home while offering shelter from the sun on those days you want to relax outside. The many benefits of proper landscaping are why most people pay a hefty sum for landscaping services.

If you’re wondering where to start with landscaping design, this article is for you. Here are some helpful landscape design ideas you could work with for an impressive garden.

  1. Plan For All Seasons

The problem most Americans face is maintaining an impressive lawn all year round. The seasonal weather changes make it hard to keep the appearance for the whole year. You can beat that by planning your lawn for all seasons.

Evergreen shrubs with needles retain their leaves all year long. As a result, they’ll constantly offer color to your lawn even after the grass is covered in snow. Such plants on your lawn help avoid the plain look in seasons when other vegetation die.

  1. Connect Points of Interest With a Walkway

The path between your main house to the barn or the garden has to be well defined. Creating an attractive walkway is thus essential to connect those points of interest.

Pathways act as leading lines for your lawn, thus bringing in some appeal to your curb. You also have to be specific about the material you use on the walkway since it’s a long-term investment. Ensure you work with brick or stone slabs since they are durable and tie the pathway to the home.

  1. Make Water Features Look Natural

You’ve definitely seen how good a fountain is for improving curb appeal. Making such water features look natural, even the small ones, creates an incredible landscape.

Of course, you have to tidy up the area by creating the defining aspects of the water feature. You could use the same stone used on the house to make the fountain’s sides so that they can complement each other. Ensure that there’s vegetation around the fountain to create a wild feel while creating a vast appeal.

  1. Add an Outdoor Seating Area

We all have those days when we want to sit outside and enjoy the breeze in the warmer months. Adding an outdoor seating area to your landscape might just be the upgrade your lawn needs.

The outdoors creates a great escape, so concentrating on making the outdoor seating area count. Lay concrete or pavers on the ground at a shaded part of your lawn and install a bench. Add some tall flowers to create privacy for you as you read or enjoy a nap outdoors.

  1. Combine Several Plants

You wouldn’t want to have a boring yard design due to having the same type of flowers all through, would you? Although the consistent look can be excellent in some cases, combining several plants is advisable.

A bloom with a combination of various plants looks good due to the color they add to your home landscaping. The multiple plants also bloom at different periods, allowing you to change lawn look in different seasons. The ornamental planning is visible all season long, meaning you’ll enjoy an impressive lawn.

  1. Use Outdoor Lighting to Your Advantage

As much as the landscape should look impressive during the day, you need to ensure that it’s also appealing at night. There’s one way to handle this, and it involves installing outdoor lighting.

The outdoor lighting will showcase the lush green lawn at night. You could also use spotlights to highlight impressive areas in the home, which comes in handy. Ensure that the lighting also fits in with the lawn during the day to avoid it looking awkward.

  1. Go Classic With a Rustic Look

Some layouts never go out of fashion, like the rustic look on your landscape. Going classic with a rustic look is one of the landscaping ideas you shouldn’t overlook.

Old fashioned wagon wheels or wood fencing delivers a rustic outlook on your yard. The classic looks allow you to get creative to achieve the design you want to achieve. The rustic appearance never goes out of fashion, so you can have the same lawn look over the years.

  1. Define Your Garden’s Boundaries Visually

The ends of your garden are as important as the center of the lawn. You could actually highlight the garden boundaries using the landscape elements to get a fantastic outlook.

How you set up your boundaries indicates the abundance of space on your lawn. The ends also offer the eye something captivating to focus on while representing the order in your landscape. Besides being great for your landscape, it also deters intruders and trespassers for adequate privacy in your home.

  1. Add a flagpole

The power of a residential flagpole is a huge area most people choose not to focus on. You can add a flagpole to break down the monotony of your lush green lawn.

There are different types of flagpoles, so you should install one that you find suitable for your lawn. The flagpole in your home is an indication of patriotism and also offers your landscape a unique touch.

  1. Add Height With Planters and Baskets

You might feel limited when planting flowers since your piece of land isn’t big enough. Worry not! You can use planters for a multi-dimensional design to create an added impression.

The hanging baskets offer height to your landscape, creating a unique feel within your yard. The sea of beautiful colors is alluring to watch since they command visual interest.

These Are Landscaping Design Ideas to Improve Curb Appeal

Finding the right landscaping design for your lawn doesn’t have to be challenging. The above landscaping design ideas will help you improve your curb appeal. Ensure that you find the right mix of options to ensure that they fit in with your market design.

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