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Day: February 24, 2020

How to Pack Books for Moving – Everything You Need to Know

How to Pack Books for Moving – Everything You Need to Know

Whether you have a couple of vintage titles or you are an avid reader with a sizable home library, knowing how to pack books for moving is an essential skill. Books are not light items and, unlike clothes, can't be bent to fit the shape of a container or a box. Well, even if they could, we don't want to contemplate such an option due to the sentimental and financial value of those items. So, we'll go by the book (no pun intended) in order to show you how to prepare your titles for safe transport to a new home, without any missing pages. Make Some Hard Decisions People love their books. That's a simple truth. Still, if you're moving cross-country or overseas, it may not be possible to bring all of them with you. Even if possible, it's going to cost you a lot. So sift through your librar...
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Best Worktop Materials

Granite Granite is a very popular material, often people decide to use granite for it’s beautiful aesthetic, along with its hardwearing, heat resistant properties, as well as the nature of the stone’s antibacterial qualities and easy to clean nature. The downside to granite is its significant expense compared to other options and the fact that it is very heavy. It’s an all-around great choice and when sealed properly it is stain resistant. Once it’s installed it will require no more maintenance. As it is sturdy it is not likely to scratch or stain, and it only needs to be sealed once a decade. Concrete Concrete looks amazing in industrial style kitchens. Concrete worktops come in all manner of colors, sizes and styles thanks to concretes versatile nature. It also fits with mos...