Saturday, May 18

Day: July 6, 2020

Home Improvement

Locating Your Sewer Line

All our homes have sewer lines. A sewer line is a single pipe that sends all your wastewater from your house into the main sewer of your street. This is a crucial part of keeping everyone's home clean. Locating your home's sewer line is an important thing to do because you can easily pinpoint the causes of your plumbing issues like clogs and lessen any unnecessary costs. So how do you find your sewer line? The main sewer line of your house is usually found in the basement or garage. Look for a pipe that is about four inches in diameter with a screw cap on the top that has a notch. You must also keep in mind that some homes have their sewer cleanout point outside of their house while it is possible to not have one in your home at all. If you cannot find your sewer line inside your hou...