Saturday, April 20

Day: April 15, 2021


How To Choose The Best Pillow

Before you know how to choose the best pillow (or "travesseiro", in portuguese) for you, we will explain what a pillow is and the importance of having a good pillow. A pillow is an object that aims to fill the space between the person's head and bed, to relieve the cervical spine, and thus, the person can get a good night's sleep. The pillow consists of a feather, feather, or other material filling covered by a cover to protect its internal part, giving that volume necessary to relieve the cervical. If the person frequently sleeps in the wrong position without relieving tension in the cervical, this can lead to several problems, such as back pain, lumbar, cervical, and shoulders. Also, there is the problem that your sleep is not restful, which can lead to several health problems,...