Friday, October 15

Day: August 13, 2021


How Net-zero Buildings Can Work in Places Hit Hard by Climate Change

Amid growing concerns over the dangers of climate change, the built industry is seeing growing interest in net-zero construction. In essence, this means building structures that can generate as much energy as they consume each year.This isn’t a new concept. Danish researchers referenced zero-energy homes in a 1976 study on solar heating. Arguably the first nearly net-zero construction was an 1893 Norse polar ship. But history shows that interest has mostly been prevalent in colder climates. That needs to change as our world heats up.The warming world incentivizes net-zeroThe summer of 2021 saw a record-breaking heatwave across the Pacific Northwest, a region full of structures ill-prepared to deal with such extreme conditions. Many buildings lacked air conditioning, and...
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The Complete Entertainment Center Cable Management Guide

Did you know that the home entertainment center industry is projected to grow by almost $3 billion over the next four years? Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, home theater systems have grown increasingly popular. A big part of having a great home theater is having good cable management. It helps with your home organization and keeps things from becoming cluttered. But what should you do in order to keep your home theater organized? What are some good cable management tips? It's a good thing you asked because you've come to the right place for answers to your questions. Continue reading to learn more about cable management for the smart homeowner. Get the Right Size of HDMI Cables One of the biggest culprits when it comes to cable management is cords and cabl...