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Day: January 17, 2022

Real Estate

A Quick Guide to the Hong Kong Real Estate Market

If you're looking to buy property in Hong Kong, you may know that it is the most expensive market in the world. Hong Kong's economic vibrancy and location make owning property worth the high price tag. For the right person, this is an opportunity like no other. This guide is here to give you a quick look at the Hong Kong real estate market so you can decide if buying property is in your future. Ready to learn more? Let's get started. Can Foreigners Purchase Hong Kong Property? In 1997, the British gave control of Hong Kong back to China. One of the conditions was that all the land would need to be on a lease for 50 years. This means that, technically, there is no freehold land in Hong Kong. Since all plots are leasehold, foreigners get to enjoy the same ownership rights as locals ...

8 Ways to Make the Bathroom Safer for Senior Citizens

In the United States, one in every four senior citizens reports experiencing a fall each year. In 2019 alone, US emergency departments (EDs) treated 3.1 million seniors for fall injuries. Worse, such incidents claimed the lives of thousands of other older adults. Bathrooms, in turn, are the primary locations for falls. Statistics point out that up to 80% of such unfortunate events occur in these rooms. That's a good enough reason to improve bathroom safety for your senior loved ones. That way, you can help reduce their risks of falling and sustaining severe injuries. This guide list some of the top strategies for preventing falls and injuries in the bathroom, so be sure to read on. 1. Ensure Adequate Lighting Vision impairment affects an estimated 12 million people at least 40 yea...
4 Benefits of Buying an iPad Wall Mount
Home Improvement

4 Benefits of Buying an iPad Wall Mount

Did you know that Apple has sold over 500 million iPads in the last decade? There's no getting around the fact that iPads are convenient for all kinds of things. As great as iPads are on their own, they can become even better when you get the right accessories for them, such as one for wall mounting. Are you wondering why it's worth your hard-earned money? Keep reading to learn all about the 4 benefits of buying an iPad wall mount. 1. It Helps With Cooking Recipes When you invest in the best iPad wall mount, you can start following along with all your favorite recipes without having to worry about getting your iPad dirty. The last thing you'd want is to get flour, meat juices, and other stuff on it. Having it mounted on the wall will allow you to get a clear look at the ingredients ...