Monday, June 24

3 Reasons Why Your Old Windows Are Costing You Money

There is no question that there is a heightened sense of frugality within us all and during the times of COVID-19. People are stashing away money like there will be no tomorrow. While this is generally a good idea anyways (saving money, not the worrying part lol), are you sure your savings aren’t better used to do some “value add” home improvements that can save you money in the long run?

One of the most overlooked home improvement areas are windows and window treatments. They aren’t thought about often since they are virtually invisible to the eye but can be one of the best improvements you can do for your home. Not only do they bring out a better aesthetic, they are functional and can actually save you some big bucks if you invest in solid window replacement services.

Here are 3 reasons why you should ditch your old windows for new ones!

  1. Older windows are inefficient
    Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to windows. Older windows do not hold in air conditioning nor do they keep out heat all that well. This can do some serious damage to your utility bill every month, adding hundreds of dollars to your bottom line costs annually. Check to make sure your old windows are rated well energy wise and there are no leaks to assure you are keeping more money in your pocket.

2. Older windows are not secure

Another reason why you should consider window replacement is that oftentimes, as windows age, they become less secure. Malfunctioning windows are an easy target for burglars and are easy to spot from a distance. By replacing older windows with newer more secure ones, the chance of a thief entering your home through the window could decrease significantly. When your house is more secure, it will be more valuable for your household and especially for resale.

3. Old windows are ugly

Another reason why you should consider replacing older windows is they can be down right ugly! It’s actually quite amazing the difference new windows make on the aesthetic of most homes. Homeowners will get about 73% of their replacement window investment back when they sell their home, according to Many older windows have cross bracing (the small white or grey bars inside the window itself) which draws the eye to them. Newer windows will tend to have less obstructions visually which make them appear fresher and more visually appealing. Swap out those old windows and increase your property value exponentially.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why replacing your windows is a good idea to help keep costs down. Although replacing windows can be a costly endeavor up-front, it can certainly pay off in the long run when it comes to energy efficiency and resale value. Take our word for it; spend a bit more money now and save 5-10x from savings in the future. Your home and your wallet will thank you for it!