Friday, June 21

3 Things About Bathroom Renovations That Nobody Talks About!

A renovated bathroom adds value to your home and makes it better suited to your present needs. If you’re looking to introduce improvements in a bathroom or update its style you should consider bathroom renovations. When planned and executed correctly, such renovations can serve you and your family for years to come. However, there are certain things that nobody talks about bathroom renovations. Here are some of them that are worth taking into account.

  1.   Assuming the bathroom renovator is on the same page as you

Bathroom renovations are complex. You should never assume that you and your renovator are on the same page. Thus, it’s extremely important to spell out each part of the plan with clarity. Additionally, you should never assume everyone is on top of things and keep on checking the progress from time to time. Even when you are finalizing renovators and the materials to use, acting judiciously is important. Else, unpleasant things may happen. This could mean the renovator using the wrong bath for demo or materials not agreed upon and similar things.

You can consider Bathroom Renovations Melbourne similar to surgery. When getting a knee replaced, you will need to make sure the right knee is marked and operated upon. The same rule applies to bathroom renovations. Before getting work started, you need to make sure – once, twice, thrice, and then one final time – that the right element is marked and agreed upon. And then as work gets started and proceeds, close monitoring is important to make sure the final result matches what you were aiming for.

  1.   Bathroom renovations in Melbourne would cost more than you think!

Renovating your bathroom from head to toe would cost more than a few hundred dollars. While basic bathroom renovations with smaller swaps or less expensive materials would sit at the lower end of a few thousand dollars, top-of-the-line bathroom renovations in Melbourne would cost up to 4-5 times more. A major part of this cost is attributed to plumbing and fixtures, followed by labour, counters and surfaces, and hardware and cabinetry. However, renovation experts recommend that your bathroom renovation project shouldn’t cost more than 5 to 10 percent of the value of your home.

  1.   Storage shouldn’t be an afterthought

Though many fuss about the bathtub, lighting, and flooring, among others, a bathroom that functions well and feels serene often comes down to good storage. This makes it important to plan storage options during bathroom renovations. When drawing up renovation plans, you should look for storage opportunities, no matter whether they are simple or small, to ensure they feel an integral part of the plan and not add-ons. For instance, it’s not necessary to always opt for deep shelf storage. Even placing a few tall shallow cabinets concealed in a stud bay could help in storing a lot of items. You could even put a recess in the shower and integrate towel bars to make them feel as if they are built-in.

Though the above mentioned aspects are some that people don’t talk about often, yet they are important to consider during bathroom renovations, especially in Melbourne.