Wednesday, June 19

3 Things To Consider In House Design In Singapore

House design in Singapore is more complex than allowing interior designers to do whatever they wish to your humble abode. When someone is going to design your place for you, you are still required to give them a detailed description of what you imagine the space to look like. If you leave it up to the designer, it can lead to results that you might dislike and having everything changed won’t be an option since it may cost you extra. To ensure that your home will look exactly how you want it to, dictating your detailed plans and desires will make it easier for the designers to put in the work. 

However, not knowing the essential elements needed in interior design will make it hard to figure out where to start. If you have no clue what your interior designer needs, it will lower the probability of getting positive results. To have a house that makes you feel entirely comfortable, you must learn the key points of designing interior spaces. From another perspective, these elements will help your designer form the shape you want on the clay you have given to them. 


The first thing you should consider when designing the interior of your home is the style you want to go with. There are multiple interior design styles to choose from, depending on what you find pleasing to the eyes or find fitting for the kind of home you own. To give an example, Singapore has minimalism for HDB design. The minimalist style is much suited for smaller spaces like HDB apartments due to its lack of flare. In a smaller place, it’s nice to have everything look much simpler to make it less overwhelming and suffocating to look at. Other styles include modern, country, traditional, rustic, and Asian zen. It’s best to search online how all these styles look, so you can better grasp what you want for your home. 

Colour Palette

Aside from the style, having a colour scheme in mind helps the interior designer greatly. After all, only some people like having yellow walls or black-and-white furniture. Colours can significantly affect the mood of a room depending on the personal opinions of the person who owns the home. There is the possibility of it either looking too dull or too much. Therefore, the overall colours of your place should bring you comfort and avoid making your eyes sting. If you look up interior colour schemes online, you will find three types of colour palettes for interior spaces. There are complementary colours, split complementary colours, and monochromatic colours. If you look up these types on the internet, you can find some examples that can be used in condo interior design in Singapore.


Another element to consider is the furniture to be added to your house. A 2-bedroom condo interior design in Singapore would need the kind of furniture you want within the space given. Do you want a floor lamp instead of a side table? Would a desk in the bedroom benefit you? Is a recliner chair on your wishlist when you picture the living room? The interior designers can only put pieces of furniture that they think are essential for every room, but if you tell them the specifics, they can make it work in your favour. 

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