Wednesday, April 17

4 Backyard Items That Are Worth the Splurge

It’s about to get a bit more isolated around here, but being home more doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sun. In fact, it’s important for people to get out, boosting their vitamin D and possibly the immune system. So, now may be the time to invest in backyard improvements, allowing you to escape the confines of your home and enjoy a nice, warm day. If your grass is looking a bit plain, consider the following four items to elevate the scenery and fun.

A Backyard Pool

It’s going to get hot. What about a place that provides sunshine and a bit of cool. A pool is an excellent option for many people. With the warmer months approaching, it may take to long to install an in-ground system; however, an above ground pool could get established faster without much of the hassle. Look for someplace that specializes in the pools pittsburgh area. Often, products are available in different styles and price range. That way, when you need to take a few breaths, you can do so in the crisp, refreshing water.

A Kids Play Set

Children have an abundance of energy. A play set is a perfect place to do it. Instead of running around the house, kick them outside. They can swing, climb and just be silly, enjoying a break from the television and from them driving you stir crazy. Consider getting something that can last for a few years, growing with your little ones such as a wooden swing. While you’re looking, you may find a small picnic table. This may make a fun spot for lunches as well as craft time. You have enough to clean. You don’t need glitter or paint on the floor.

A Grill

Keep the heat out of the kitchen while appreciating some healthy foods. The stove is perfectly fine, but when you want a burger, there’s nothing better than a good charcoal or gas fire grill to add some flavor. Toss some veggies in oil and garlic and wrap them in foil. You could have an entire meal all at once without messing with the kitchen area. It’s tasty and easy to clean.

A Cedar Box

Many believe that gardening is calming, an escape from the stress from the day. Pick up a cedar box, some soil and plants and get going, allowing you to become one with nature. Kiddos can help out too, teaching them some valuable lessons. In fact, make it a part of the day to check on the veggies. An added bonus is that you get fresh herbs and veggies right out back.

Being at home more doesn’t mean sacrificing some rays. You just need a few things to keep you occupied.