Monday, June 24

4 Benefits of Artificial Turf for Playgrounds

Playgrounds are a great place for children to get outside, build social connections, and use some of their excess energy, but they also present some dangers that might make parents wary. While most people think about the playground equipment first, the surface below the playground is equally as important. In the case of falls, bumps, and scratches, the type of material you choose to use will greatly impact the health of children at the playground. Many parents and business owners are turning to artificial turf as a safer alternative to natural grass, rubber or wood chips due to its increased safety measure and minimal maintenance.

More Sanitary Play Environment

Playgrounds are the perfect environment for passing along tons of germs between children. From touching the swing sets with unwashed hands to coughing and sneezing out in the open, germs are everywhere. Artificial turf offers advanced protection against unsanitary conditions due to the antimicrobial material. This means that germs struggle to survive in the environment, making it more difficult for them to be transferred between playground visitors. The antimicrobial properties will also help to give you peace of mind in the case of cuts and scrapes because of the reduced fear of infection.

Increased Safety

Playgrounds seem to grow to new heights and incorporate new features every day to stimulate and entertain your child, but some of these features can present falling hazards. A fall from a high point onto a hard surface like natural grass can mean a trip to the hospital and broken bones. However, artificial turf is constructed to have a shock-absorbing under layer, which can help to protect children from falls over ten feet high.

Customizable Design

On top of the incredible health and safety benefits that synthetic grass can offer, parents and business owners love the material because it is easy to customize. Although green is the most popular color for artificial lawns, artificial turf manufacturers can create grass that comes in a variety of colors to match a school or sports team’s logo. You can get creative with the layout and incorporate fun shapes and designs, or stick with the classic green for a fresh, natural feel. Synthetic grass gives you more freedom to design the space that meets physical needs while providing aesthetic value.

Low Maintenance

Unlike natural lawns, which require constant care such as watering, fertilizing, and mowing, maintenance is easy with synthetic turf. The durability and high-quality nature of the material make it resistant to heavy foot traffic, so you only need to occasionally brush the grass blades to make them look brand new again. When you begin to notice a spot fading due to a particularly high volume of traffic, it’s easy to replace small sections of the turf instead of redoing the entire space. Aside from that, hosing or blowing the surface will help to keep dust, dirt, and debris away.

Artificial turf offers a number of unbeatable benefits to home and business owners who are looking to create a safer, healthier, and more fun playground environment. The kids will love playing on it and you’ll love the peace of mind.