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4 Decorative Flags Every Collector Needs

Did you know that 62% of Americans say they fly the stars and stripes?

We are a nation of patriots and flag-lovers. Whether you display a flag for political, national, or decorative reasons, we can all agree a well-placed flag adds a certain flair to any outdoor space.

If you love flying flags and want to add some new ones to your collection, we’ve got you covered with an informative guide on the best decorative flags available today.

Read on for everything you need to know.

1. Red White and Blue

If you enjoy flying flags, it’s highly likely you already own at least one star-spangled banner. The American flag is an absolute design classic, recognized globally for its striking appearance. Your collection won’t be complete without one.

Use miniature decorative flags to adorn your home for July 4th or hang a flag from your porch to display your love for America. Be sure to check up on the flag code if you plan to retire and replace an American flag.

2. Custom Flag Designs

Another great use for flags is to create a personalized banner for yourself and your family. It could include an image that’s important to you, an inspirational quote, or a family motto. The possibilities are endless with custom-printed flags, so let your imagination guide you.

If you want to decorate your garden for summer, you could create flags with bright, vibrant colors, adding a sense of style to your outside space. It’s your home, so decorate it any way you want with custom flag designs.

3. Seasonal Flags

Every collector should have a flag for any occasion. Getting out your holiday flags is fun and adds some decorative spirit to your neighborhood. There are flags available for every event or holiday, from Christmas to Easter, and everything in between.

You could even invest in new seasonal flags each year and watch your collection grow. Having seasonal flags is useful if you like hosting parties or having your family over to visit during the holidays. These decorative flags are perfect for any season.

4. Floral Flags

We would all like to have a garden full of beautiful flowers all year round. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible in most places. However, you can breathe some life into your garden all year round with a floral decorative flag.

Even during gray days, create a summer mood by adorning your fence lines with a range of floral designs. That way, the winter months won’t seem to drag along so slowly. Once the spring comes around, you can either take them down or leave them up to enhance the beautiful blooms.

Brighten Up Your Collection With Decorative Flags

Flying flags is fun and meaningful. If you want to display a message, celebrate an event, or simply add some color to your outside space, these decorative flag ideas are a great place to start.

One of the best things about flags is you can change your display to reflect your mood. The more decorative flags you add to your collection, the broader your choices!

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