Monday, May 27

4 Fantastic DIY Home Renovation Projects for 2022

Home repair and renovation activity spiked by 82 percent in 2021, with house painting coming in as the number one change made. 

Whether you want to try a new color in the living room or you want to gut and remodel the kitchen, DIY home renovation is something that a lot of homeowners want to see done in their spaces. Not only can it change the way your space feels, but it’s a great way to make your home your own.

Read on to learn about four great home renovation projects.

1. Try a Fresh Coat of Paint

The easiest thing a lot of homeowners are keen to try is painting their homes. A new color is a great way to bring new energy into your space on a budget.

A light coat of paint helps natural light bounce off the walls, while a dark color is the perfect mood-setter for any home theatre.

2. New Windows

New windows are another great way to let more light into your home.

You’d be surprised at how dingy old windows can be — even with regular cleanings. Choosing to get new windows is also a great way to save money on your energy bills, and it’s going to help keep the temperature in your home regulated at any time of day.

You’re sealing up all those old cracks and crevices, so outside air can’t get in and inside air can’t get out.

3. Make Some Eco-Friendly Fixes

There are other things you can do besides new windows, though. Placing a separate garbage can in your home for recycling is one thing, and the other is a built-in water filter.

You can spring for a refrigerator with a filter attached, or you can have a separate one installed with your kitchen sink. It’s simple, but it’s great for saving you time, money, and the earth. No more worrying about whether or not you have enough water bottles!

4. Spring for New Appliances

As your kitchen appliances start aging, they can begin to wreak havoc on your energy bills.

Switching your appliances for new energy-efficient ones can not only save you money but can also give your kitchen the upgrade it needs. You can save even more money by installing them yourself.

The best part? Appliances these days are just as customizable as painting your walls are. If you want to get creative and go for a different finish or match everything up with your cabinets for a seamless look, you can.

Ready for Your DIY Home Renovation?

Now that we’ve gone over a few of the best ideas for a DIY home renovation, are you ready to get started? Whether you’re just moving in or you’re trying to freshen up your space, making small and big changes alike is a great way to bring new life into your home and make it your own.

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