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4 Quick Ways to Reduce Home Allergens

Did you know that around 7.1 million American adults experienced allergies in the past 12 months? Some of the most common allergens include pollen, food, animal stings, and dust mites.

While you can’t get rid of outside allergens, you can reduce the number of allergens in your house. Reducing home allergens can make it easier to breathe, reduce skin irritation, and cause you to get sick less often.

Do you want to learn more about reducing indoor allergens? If so, keep reading for four tips to reduce allergens in a home.

1. Change Your Air Filter

If you want to reduce allergens in your home, you should change your air filter. The air filter in your HVAC system prevents dust, microbes, and other allergens from entering your home.

If you don’t change the filter, those allergens will go into your house. Also, not changing your air filter will cause your HVAC system to age faster, which can result in expensive repairs.

How often you need to change your air filter will vary, but on average, you should change it every 90 days.

2. Use an Air Purifier

Another great way to reduce allergens is to use an air purifier. If you buy a good air purifier, it can get rid of pet dander, dust mites, and mold spurs. Like with your HVAC system, make sure you change the filter in your air purifier.

In addition to having an air purifier, you also should have a dehumidifier in your house. When your house is too humid, it can promote mold growth and give dust mites a good environment to live in.

3. Change Your Bedding

Did you know that one of the most common places to find dust mites is in your bedding? More than likely, your bed is full of dead skin, bacteria, and dust.

Because you spend lots of time in bed, not changing your bedding can make your allergies much worse. Try to wash your bedding at least once per week to reduce allergens.

If your pets sleep with you, you will need to wash your bedding more often. If you have an old mattress, getting a new one can reduce your allergies.

4. Hire a Cleaning Company

One of the best ways to reduce allergens in your house is to keep your home clean. Unfortunately, most people don’t have hours to spend cleaning their house each day.

If you want to save time and have a cleaner home, you should consider hiring a cleaning company. A cleaning company, such as Top Mops Cleaning, will clean your furniture, floors, and ceiling to reduce the allergens in your house.

Are You Ready to Reduce Home Allergens?

Reducing home allergens can reduce your chances of having an allergy attack, lessen asthma symptoms, and prevent skin irritation. If you want to reduce allergens, use these tips to have a cleaner home.

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