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4 Ways You Can Identify Wrought Iron in Orem

Wrought iron is a preferred choice for door material in Orem and other parts of Utah. Its high tensile strength, and durability coupled with its versatile ornamental designs, makes it a winner among other door options in the state. But the popularity of wrought iron in the industry has created a market for scammers who sell fake products.

Trusted wrought iron door manufacturers carryout the following testing techniques to determine your wrought iron door’s quality and save your hard-earned money from going into the pockets of frauds and tricksters.

Spark test

As the name suggests, a spark test is carried out by exposing the metal piece to a grinding wheel. The tester then observes sparks produced due to fiction to determine wrought iron’s quality. Since wrought iron is carbon-free, it will throw long sparks whereas, puddled wrought iron will release short reddish sparks and steel produces white sparks. As a rule of thumb, iron and steel doors are also exposed to the grinding wheel to test for variability.

Break test

The break test is carried out to determine the build of the wrought iron. A small metal piece is sawed and then bent to check the grains. Pure wrought iron is made of fibrous grains that seem similar to wood. While higher quality wrought iron doors have more refined grains, poor quality outfits are loosely built.

Hardenability Test

One of the prominent features of wrought iron is its strength. Manufacturers perform the hardenability test to check the metal for its hardening abilities. While steel can harden at low heat, wrought iron requires a higher temperature to hardening.

Door manufacturers test wrought-iron by heating it with mild steel to check for the temperature at which it starts hardening.

Forgeability Test

This test dates back to hundreds of years when ironworkers used their expertise in the field to check for wrought iron door’s quality. The experienced professional strikes the metal with a hammer and feels the surface to check for any tell-tale signs. By performing this simple task, they can tell if the metal is indeed wrought iron or not.

Wrought iron doors are long-lasting outfits that can get you a good return on your money. Just make sure to buy from a trusted door manufacturer who sells authentic material.

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