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5 Benefits of Ductless AC Units


Did you know it’s possible to cool your entire home without installing or replacing any ductwork?

A ductless AC unit can be installed for efficient cooling and heating of your home without using a duct system. This is great news if you have heating or cooling needs without the capability of adding ductwork.

No need for ductwork installation is a major perk and an added convenience of these units, but there are even more positives that make them a great choice!

Continue reading to learn about the five main benefits of a ductless AC.

  1. They Are Energy Efficient

By switching to a high-efficiency unit, you can significantly decrease your heating and cooling costs.

Because a ductless AC system does not use ductwork to circulate air, you won’t experience the energy loss that traditional HVAC systems produce. Gaps, cracks, and leaks in the ductwork can allow cool air to escape.

A ductless system also comes with a top SEER rating. SEER is the ratio of the cooling output of an air conditioner divided by the energy it uses. High-efficiency units rate at a SEER of over 20, and most ductless systems come in at or over this high-efficiency mark.

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  1. They Aren’t as Noisy

Because there are no ducts in a mini-split air conditioner, there isn’t the need for a large motor to push air from one location through the entire ductwork system of a home. Ductless systems use smaller motors because they don’t have to push so much air.

When the unit switches on in a traditional AC unit, all motors and fans immediately run at full capacity. Mini-split motors accelerate slowly as they’re needed resulting in far less noise pollution.

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  1. They Can Be Used for Supplementary Cooling

If your current HVAC system produces areas that don’t cool evenly with the rest of the house, a ductless AC install can help.

If there’s a hot area or a room like a bedroom or work area where you want cooler temperatures, cool the space by adding a ductless unit instead of running your entire unit to compensate.

  1. They Allow Zone Heating and Cooling

A ductless unit can cool different rooms at different times and temperatures. You can turn certain rooms up or down depending on use.

Systems are available with up to four indoor air handling units so that you can heat or cool four zones separately. Switch off rooms that aren’t in use for maximum energy savings.

  1. Their Installation Is Versatile

There’s no limit to where you can install a ductless AC system. Any location on a wall or ceiling in any room of your home will be sufficient.

They offer an easy option for heating and cooling a space if you’re planning an addition. There won’t be a need to tie it into your current HVAC system or install additional ductwork. The same is true for updating an older home with an aging unit or in a structure where adding ductwork isn’t possible.

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Consider a Ductless AC for Your Home

There are numerous ways a ductless AC can improve your home’s heating and cooling operations. The benefits extend even beyond the lack of ductwork installation.

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