Wednesday, June 19

5 Emergency Situations When You Need to Call a Locksmith

The trouble with keys and locks is not unheard of. Sometimes it’s benign, like forgetting your keys at work, and in some cases, you may need new locks for more serious reasons. The good news is you can resolve the situation quickly and at any time by hiring a locksmith. However, if you are in doubt about what to do, here are 5 emergency situations when you need to call a locksmith.

1. Your lock is not working.

A lock is a mechanism that needs regular maintenance to work properly and last longer. Otherwise, you may end up with a handle in your hand or a frozen lock, and no possibility to enter your home or office. This is the reason you should find a 24-hour locksmith, like Res-Q Locksmiths emergency services, and keep their contact in your phone for quick dial.

Also, examine the lock from time to time to see whether it’s working smoothly and schedule at least once-a-year maintenance. If the lock is used by lots of people, you may need to schedule maintenance more often to keep it clean, oiled, and functional.

2. Your key broke in the lock.

There may come a time when you need to break into your own home, office, or car. The usual reason for this is that your key broke in the lock. This doesn’t happen often since the keys are durable, but sometimes the material they’re made of may have been damaged or from a bad batch.

If you try to pull out the broken part from the lock you can make things worse, so instead, you should call a locksmith. They will remove the key if possible or replace the lock, providing an immediate solution so you can go on about your day or night.

3. You need to change the locks for safety reasons.

Changing the locks may be wise after a move to a new home. It’s also recommended after a breakup, divorce, or change of roommates. If you were a victim of a burglary, you should get the new locks immediately after police finished examining the scene.

Even in those moments when you notice something suspicious, like scratches around the lock or anything else that may seem like a forced entry attempt — call a locksmith. There is no price too high to feel safe in your space and make sure that you are not in danger from home or car invasion.

4. Your key got stuck in the lock.

Did you ever have a problem pulling out a key from a lock? If this happens more than once, you should have the lock examined by a locksmith since that key may stay stuck in there for good. It can happen to any type of lock, even the one for your ignition in the car.

When it comes to the moment that you can’t remove the key, stop trying and leave it to professionals. Applying force to pull out the key can break it or damage the lock, which will end up costing more than a locksmith’s intervention to eject the key. Also, during the cold season, make sure to unfreeze the lock before you use your key to avoid having it stuck there.

5. You want to add another lock.

It’s not uncommon for doors to have more than one lock. For example, you may want an inside lock to have a twist knob which is easier than having to look for keys all the time to unlock. You may want to add a sliding bolt to the bathroom door or a chain lock to the front entrance.

Alternatively, you may feel it’s time to add another layer of security and install an electronic lock with a camera, fingertip recognition, and/or intercom. Also, let’s not forget the newest trend of upgrading to a smart home system which also includes locks you can control with an app. Consult with your locksmith before deciding on the best lock option for your home or office to find a solution that fits your lifestyle and budget.


These 5 emergency situations when you need to call a locksmith show situations that anyone has encountered or may do so in the future. Maintenance and repair should come as the natural solution when your key gets stuck or broken in the lock. However, don’t neglect the potential to create a safer environment by adding an extra security layer with special and reinforced locks.