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5 Ideas for Bedroom Designs That Block Out EMF Radiation

About 70 million Americans have sleep problems. But what a lot of people don’t know is that this can result from sleeping in close range to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).

EMFs are waves that electronic devices radiate. As with other types of radiation, different levels of radiation have different consequences.

EMFs are still under-researched, but it seems to be low-level or non-ionizing radiation. But even if it’s not as harmful as ionizing radiation, we’re still exposed to this low level all the time. This long-term low-level exposure is theorized to influence sleep, headaches, and concentration.

If you’re someone who struggles with sleep, try incorporating some EMF-blocking design into your bedroom. If there’s no reason you shouldn’t be sleeping, then it’ll probably help!

Keep reading for 5 ideas for bedroom design that block or reduce EMFs.

  1. EMF Bed Canopy

There are certain materials that are designed to reduce EMFs.

Use this specialized netting as a canopy over your bed. It creates a block around you which should be EMF-free, allowing you to sleep peacefully.

  1. Reduce Wireless Technology

Wireless technology transmits far more EMF radiation than wired devices. Reducing your usage of wireless devices in your room means there is less EMF radiation close to you while you’re trying to sleep.

Try to remove as much technology as you can from your bedroom. If there’s anything you need to keep, then opt for wired or plugged-in versions instead of wireless.

Keep your charging stations as far away from your bed as possible, and if you’ve got a WiFi router in your bedroom, turn it off at night.

  1. EMF-Blocking Decor

There are several decor options that are designed to block EMFs. You can get paints and wall electronic accessories designed to block EMFs from getting through walls. There are also fabric options you can use for bed linens, curtains, and cushion covers.

If this sounds interesting, look here for more.

  1. Move Your Bed

If your bed is against a wall that has circuit breakers, plugs, or any other electronics, you’re close to a source of EMFs.

Check the walls in your bedroom and move your bed to one with the least electronics near it. If your room is big enough you could even play around with having the bed away from the walls completely!

  1. Crystals

Certain crystals are able to block EMFs. If you have a few scattered throughout your bedroom, this should help block the frequencies and make it easier for you to sleep.

Shungite, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, and orgone pyramid are all good at blocking EMFs. Luckily, these crystals also have striking colors and patterns, so they’re easy to incorporate into the design of the room.

Ideas for Bedroom Design That Block EMFs

Try any of these ideas for bedroom design to block EMF, and you’ll finally get that good night’s sleep you’ve been looking for! EMF radiation disrupts sleeping, and when you design your bedroom to combat this, you shouldn’t have those issues anymore.

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