Friday, June 21

5 Multi-functional Luxury Pieces That Fill Less Space

Not everyone has the luxury of inhabiting a large home. Sometimes, a small room or a studio apartment is more practical depending on one’s situation. Nevertheless, one can freshen up a small home with a few functional, but stylish, furniture pieces to make it look like it’s been designed by experts.

Lift Top Coffee Tables

Despite the name, coffee tables can have a variety of objects placed upon them, whether they be cups, books, or portable tech. However, the table itself might not be elevated enough for you to use such objects as laptops or dining tools as readily as you would like. Some might even resort to putting a higher table in front of themselves so that the laptop is more in line with their eye line, or so that your plate is closer to your mouth. If you get a coffee table with a lifting top, then you essentially remove that extra not-so-convenient step. After using your laptop or finishing your food, you can put the top down. Available brands of these types of tables that are worth researching.

Expandable Dining Tables

Speaking of tables (and dining, for that matter), an expandable dining table could make for a satisfying addition to the home dining experience. Whether you need more space or less space on the table, the expandable dining table can have its leaves folded for adjustment. This would likely depend on how many people you have over for a meal. Whatever the (reasonable) number of guests, the expandable dining table can be customized for the comfort of everyone in attendance. People can enjoy their meals and converse with each other as long as they have just the right amount of space.

Smart Side Table

At the risk of making this feel like “the table list,” it is worth pointing out that the smart side table is another type worth trying. You can keep this by the side of your bed, making it very convenient if you are not quite ready to get out of bed to fulfill certain functions, or if you are simply having a lazy day or a self-care day indoors to recharge yourself. This is equipped with multiple functions that can serve your everyday needs in a convenient fashion. You can set an alarm to wake you up, charge your devices wirelessly, use the Bluetooth speakers, and even cool your drinks. Evidently, this table can provide you with what you need. With that, the “tables discussion” can be tabled.

Cabinet Bed

Cabinet beds are very convenient for small spaces. As the name implies, it serves as both a cabinet and a bed. If you have a collection of objects that you need to store somewhere, then this is a very convenient place to store them. If you need somewhere to sleep without taking up more space, the cabinet bed is there for you. It is actually a third of the size of a regular bed, so you might get a bit of free space for other uses. Whatever the case, a cabinet bed would be a very space-efficient addition to your home.

Configurable Sofas

People might tend to think of sofas that have to always be these connected, put together pieces of furniture. However, there is something to be said for sofas that are more flexible, capable of coming apart and being pushed together to your liking. You can customize their positions based on your own needs, or perhaps the needs of any visitors whom you invite over to your home. For some inspiration, you can look at the listings on the Ligne-Roset website. Their collection includes the customizable Confluence Sofa set, among other things. So poke around and see what may be to your liking.

Try Out Some Pieces

Even if you do live in a small space, there are still some interior design options through which you can sift. The aforementioned pieces are just a few, but you might be able to find more. If you would like to change up your space, get in touch with Kern & Co Designs so that you can make the new additions a reality. Spaciousness and comfort make for a better home, and this company would be able to help you make the necessary adjustments.