Friday, June 21

5 Reasons Why Pre-Fabricated Construction Is Gaining Popularity

With the significant financial crisis that happened way back in 2007-2008, the construction industry experienced high demands for pre-fabricated or modular construction in the hospitality sector, pre-fabricated homes, and other institutions. 

Here are five reasons why it is making a major come back:

  1. Labour Maximization

Pre-fabricated buildings only need a small budget as well as a workforce. This kind of construction set-up fits the current backlash in the worldwide economy after many companies encountered banking crises.

2. Speed of Construction


Since the building materials are preassembled, prefab home builders or construction companies only need to make a purchase, and the materials are good to go. Construction pieces are shipped and put together onsite, making faster operation than traditional construction.

  1. Fewer Weather Delays

Construction delays usually happen during extremely cold or rainy days. But with modular buildings done in warehouses with a controlled atmosphere, construction is safe from the hassle of weather changes.

  1. Safer Working Conditions

 The construction workforce worries less with a controlled work setting. The provision of working in a safer, familiar, and consistent surrounding than that of construction sites makes their work more efficient.

  1. Better Quality Control

Pre-fabrication allows for more straightforward checking of standard procedures than when buildings are assembled on construction sites because warehouses are like assembly lines. Component templates plus a consistent work environment equals better quality control.

Learn more about this trend in this infographic.