Monday, June 24

5 Signs Your Home Is Under-Insulated

Are you unsure your home is properly insulated? Well, we’ve all been there! We aren’t experts in everything around us, especially when it comes to your home’s comfort. Insulation services are there to help you achieve the best insulation for a house. But what do you do when you aren’t sure you need professional help? The answer to this question is in this article. Below, we share our top 5 signs your home is under-insulated. Let’s see what you need to pay close attention to and when to book professional insulation services.

#1 Increased energy bills costs

One of the first signs your home is under-insulated is high energy bills. We all want to have energy-efficient homes. But sometimes your house needs extra help to offer that. So, if you notice your HVAC system is working continuously and has a hard time keeping even temperatures, it might be because of your home’s insulation. In this case, it is highly recommended to consider insulation services to shield your home from future damage.

#2 Cold floors and walls

If you’re searching for the most common signs your home is under-insulated, you should check your floors and walls. If these are cold and damp, it might happen because there isn’t enough insulation. A simple touch test can help you determine if you need expert help.

#3 Temperature fluctuations

We all love to have a comfortable home. This means you feel welcomed at all times. But when there are extreme temperature fluctuations inside, you might feel like your place isn’t welcoming anymore. According to our experts, a top sign you need new insulation is represented by temperature fluctuations. Air can escape almost anywhere, including through cracks, dents, broken windows, and doors. This means your heating or cooling system will have a difficult time keeping up with the fluctuations. Make sure you consider insulation services before this problem gets worse.

#4 Pest problem

Did you know that insects or pests need only a small crack in the wall to enter your home? Well, when there is an insulation problem, you will face a lot of pest problems. A properly insulated home closes off any cracks or entry points, which in turn prevents unwanted pests from entering the premises.

#5 Allergies

If your home has a professional insulation system, you won’t have to worry about allergies. However, when your house is poorly insulated, you’ll end up facing a lot of problems. These include allergies even when you’re inside. This means allergens enter your home through unsealed cracks and gaps. There is an efficient way to deal with allergies acting up when inside. Booking insulation services can help you determine the cause and fix any issues with your home’s insulation.

The bottom line

These are the top 5 signs your home is under-insulated. Of course, there are many other indicators that tell you you need professional help. Before you attempt any DIY approach, you should discuss it with an insulation technician. In this way, you’ll be able to understand how insulation protects your home and how you can improve it with professional help.