Friday, June 14

5 Signs Your Kitchen Needs A Bit of TLC

Many people who have lived in their homes for many years may grow tired of the layout of the rooms. In some cases, this can be resolved by moving the furniture and having a bit of a makeover. As one of the core rooms in the home, though, the kitchen is more likely to show signs of its age. This is good, as it means that it can be easier to spot signs that you need to give your kitchen a bit of love and care to bring it back up to standard, especially if it looks out of place with the rest of the house.

With that in mind, what are the core signs to look out for when cooking food in your kitchen or washing your clothes that you will kitchen may need a bit of a makeover?

  • Impractical Layout

An impractical layout is one of the bigger issues that homeowners experience with their kitchens, and it is usually a sign that the role of the kitchen has changed. What once might have been an area where you cooked food may now be a place where you socialize. So, you may need to widen the areas where you stand and hang out with friends. When looking at a kitchen design St Albans ideas, you will need to consider the core function of your kitchen to ensure that the new layout fits the role.

  • Running Out Of Space

Running out of space on countertops and in cupboards is also a sign that your kitchen needs a bit of TLC. This may involve you needing to put in more cupboards or getting customized storage designs created specifically for your kitchen. In this instance, you will probably need to call in an interior designer to make sure that you do not devalue your home while making more room.

  • Leaks And Mold

With the use of running water, tumble dryers, and washing machines in kitchens, it is common for them to accumulate mold, especially in the winter months. With the number of water pipes leading to this room, leaks are also common. If you look around your kitchen and spot signs of water damage or mold, then this is a surefire sign that it is time to crack out some anti-mold paint and give the room a sprucing up.

  • There Are Safety Concerns

Do you have concerns about your oven? Or are there worries that the electrical sockets in your kitchen are not working properly? If so, it is time to call in a professional and get your kitchen made over so that it is up to code with safety standards. This way, you don’t have to worry about gas leaks or electrical issues. This is not only practical, but it could save you and your family. 

  • Signs Of Wear And Tear

There are some general signs of wear and tear in the majority of older kitchens, such as scuffing on the cupboards, dents on the floor, and even cracks in cabinet doors. If you see any of these issues in your kitchen, it may be time to give it a bit of attention and get in some new appliances.