Thursday, June 13

5 Things You Can Do If You Really Hate Cleaning

Few find cleaning to be a favorable pastime, yet sadly, it’s a necessity. Without a clean home, germs and bacteria can quickly spread and our mental health can even be negatively impacted. If you hate cleaning and struggle to incorporate it into your everyday life, you can simply hire a professional cleaning company to get it done for you, or try following these 5 tips to make it less of a hardship:

  1. Dance with your duster!

Listening to your favorite tunes is bound to liven you up, no matter what you’re faced with, and if it’s a grubby home staring back at you, turn up the tunes and dance the dust away! Some even find it helpful to make a cleaning playlist to boost their motivation levels, and once the tracks are finished, that’s it, your cleaning is done!

  1. Dedicate just 10 minutes a day to a speedy tidy up

While tidying things away isn’t quite the same as cleaning, it will help you to clean quicker when the time comes, and will definitely make your home look cleaner, if nothing else. Not only that, but the less items there are sitting around on surfaces, the less there is for dust and grime to settle on.

It only takes a few minutes of every day to keep your home looking tidy, and you’ll feel so much better for doing it.

  1. Create a cleaning schedule

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a mammoth task that takes you all day; by creating a cleaning schedule, you can assign certain days to certain tasks, and divide the work up over a week. This should mean that by the time the weekend comes around, your home is clean and you can do whatever you please – which probably won’t involve cleaning!

  1. Get everyone involved

If there are others in your household, then it’s important to make them aware of the fact that the cleaning is everybody’s responsibility. By pitching in, they could help keep your home clean without the burden falling on your shoulders all of the time.

  1. Get the cleaners involved!

Sometimes it’s simply easier to get the professionals involved, and at least that way, you know the work will be done to a high standard (instead of your lacklustre efforts!) and you won’t have had to lift a finger. Most cleaning services offer a variety of schedules and pricing packages, so you can have them come in and clean as often, or as little, as you like.

Hating house cleaning is something many of us have in common, but with a few handy tips and a positive attitude, you can keep your home clean without too much hassle.