Wednesday, April 17

5 Types of Architects and Their Work Profile

For a project to be successful, you should approach a design expert or architect. As a client, you should visit Architekturbüro to have a look at their previous projects and works. Architects are people, who design places for shops, worship, work, live, play and eat. They are licensed professionals who are well trained in the science and art of building design. They develop concepts for various kinds of structures and turn them into proper plans and images. There are several types of architects who have different artistic sense and design skills. Here, we are going to discuss the types of architects.

5 different types of architects

An architect either can specialize in a particular aspect or can choose to be a jack-of-all-trades. Some of the types are mentioned here:

Residential architect – The residences are beautifully customized by the residential architects. They work in getting customized designs for clients, which are practical and functional. They plan layout, designs, and elevations for residential spaces.

Commercial architect – You must have seen many well-designed commercial structures that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. A successful design of a public or commercial building depends on the work of a commercial architect. These architects have artistic skills and a wide knowledge of construction and engineering.

Landscape architect – Landscape architects deal with designing gardens, campuses, parks, public spaces, and neighborhoods. They decide the right location for greenery and walkways and design them accordingly. They generally have a background in urban horticulture and should know about the plants suitable for various climatic conditions.

Urban architect – Urban architects have a wider knowledge of landscape design, green design, and building architecture. They are responsible for designing street networks, designing nodes and paths, and grouping buildings. They can design a city from scratch and develop the existing ones.

Green design architect – With the noticeable decrease of non-renewable energy resources and the climatic changes, the work of green architects have become crucial. Green architects make efforts to make energy-efficient architectural designs and innovate green design methodology to make less impact on our environment.

Many paths open up when you study architecture. You may become any one of the architects mentioned here. However, you would require dedication and hard work to create magic with your designs.