Thursday, April 18

5 Ways Local Businesses Lead to Community Improvements in India

If you want to make an impact on your community, consider opening a small business. If that’s not an option, then at least consider putting your money into supporting local businesses.

Recent advancements in telecommunications have led to an increase in the number of small businesses that operate in more rural parts of India. These companies do significantly more than large corporations to make a difference in remote areas by bringing money into the area and providing opportunities for everyone who lives there.

Here are five ways that local businesses can improve communities in rural India.

  1. Consumer money stays in the community

When you do business with large companies, you can never be sure where your money goes. Most of it might not even stay in the country. If you start doing business with a local company, though, you can be sure that your money will remain within the community. When businesses operate in smaller cities and villages, they keep more money in the area that can be used for infrastructure and other needs to help the community thrive.

  1. More opportunities improve community health

A healthy community is essential for growth. In rural India, community health has been a consistent challenge. Most doctors are in urban centers, leaving many families unable to access reliable healthcare services. New business growth in rural areas can improve healthcare by making it a priority for employees. The new infrastructure businesses bring to a local area can make healthcare more accessible. Plus, with more people able to save money and work in their local area, more locals will be able to afford reliable healthcare.

  1. More locals can get jobs

In a country like India, where the majority of the population lives in a rural area, it can be challenging for young people to find job opportunities close to home. Many young people end up moving to the city to pursue their careers. Those who stay in their villages have limited options for job prospects and may never be able to live up to their potential. This changes, though, when more businesses open up in and near rural areas. As more entrepreneurs open up businesses in rural areas, thanks to recent telecommunications efforts, more people will have opportunities to forge a career path without needing to move to the city.

  1. Locals end up with more money

Workers who are employed at local businesses can save up their money and use it to buy something they need, like a car, because of the opportunities granted to them. When you don’t need to spend money on things like a long commute to work, your money can go further and be put towards things that will improve your and your family’s daily life.

  1. Local business leaders directly contribute to community growth

Business owners and leaders who live and work in the area they serve have opportunities to make a direct impact on community growth. They have the money, talent, resources, and network that their community needs to grow while still maintaining their local culture. Local business owners who are actively involved in their community will be able to identify areas of opportunity and use their influence to positively impact the lives of everyone who lives and works there.

Local businesses can dramatically improve the lives of the people they serve. The next time you need a good or service, look to your local providers first.

The article is written by Vedang Khetawat, Founder and CEO,