Wednesday, April 24

5 ways to save time doing your laundry

1.Sorting based on weight.

Sorting laundry by color is the usual method supported by many, however the efficient method to sort out is by weight. Except if you’re washing clothing that run color -run warning, you’re going to make your life a hell a lot easier simply by sorting on the basis of weight.

You can fit in much more in a single wash if you wash only light weight clothes and save the time!

  1. Keep it organized

Make a clothing arranging framework by placing the used clothes in separate laundry bags based on the material, weight or color (for any color delicate clothing). This way, the main thing you’ll need to do during laundry is hurl the contents into the machine!

  1. Download an app or place laundry pick-up request online

Seriously, it’s that simple.  There is no secret formula, there are great laundry service providers with doorstep pick and drop facility. Your weekends are meant for fun & leave your laundry worries by simply placing an order online or book through mobile app.

4. Either do laundry every day or once a week

Understand what truly pesters you about laundry – is it that you need to do it consistently or is it that it is such an immense assignment when you do it? Try not to let your laundry heap up until it’s the ideal opportunity for spring cleaning.

If you hate doing it, remember you still have option as discussed in point 3 – laundry near me?

  1. Label the laundry bins

All your new laundry rules won’t work if the entire family doesn’t contribute! Tell them how you’ll be doing laundry starting now & ensure you ask your family to keep it segregated by labeling laundry baskets.