Thursday, June 13

6 Easy Steps To Clean Your Wax Warmer

Purchasing new waxing equipment for your business is always an investment – ​​whether you work from home, in a beauty salon, in your waxing parlor, or even when you take orders online. Beauticians don’t waste their money on waxing equipment if they have to replace it a year or two later; instead, they are looking for long-lasting wax warmers, wax carts, cosmetic sterilizers, or any other type of equipment. Choosing high-quality brands when purchasing your waxing tools is a key success factor, but beyond that, proper cleaning, smart safety precautions, and regular maintenance are just as important to get the most out of your investment.

When it comes to wax warmers, they are not difficult to maintain if you know how. If you follow these six simple tips, there’s no doubt that your wax heaters will look spotless every day and their lifespan will certainly be extended.

1. Keep the heater a little warm when cleaning

Removing the remaining wax after the last treatment of the day is the first step in cleaning the wax heater. Waiting for the wax to cool will not be the best cleaning strategy, as room temperature wax will not be easy to remove from the pot. Removing the wax while it’s still a bit hot is the best way to clean, and of course, take the necessary precautions to avoid burning your hands. After completing the last treatment of the day, let the wax melt until it becomes liquid, then turn off the device and continue with the next step.

2. Save what can be saved

If there is a lot of wax left on the pot, pour it while still warming it into a new container for later use. You can recycle the wax if you-

  1. Store it in a properly sterilized container
  2. Are you 100% sure there is no double dipping or any other form of contamination?

3. Use wax strips to clean

After removing what’s left of the useful wax, you can use a paper or cloth wax strip to remove the residue. Do not use cotton swabs as they can break and stick to the paste and make a mess. Some experts also recommend using a wax remover roller.

4. Sterilize the waxing container

To eradicate bacteria and disinfect the products you use, you need to sterilize the non-disposable items you work with, which include tweezers, metal spatulas, or aluminum cups where you pour the wax to melt on the wax warmer. If you’re self-employed or don’t have a big budget for a professional salon, getting professional salon sterilization equipment at reasonable prices can be difficult. However, you can use UV sterilizers to heat towels, sterilization sprays, or simply kill germs with boiling water.

5. Apply oils to wax heaters

If there are any drips or stains in the wax heater, you can remove them with mineral oil and a cloth. Be careful about the products you use – as using solvents or acidic cleaners on the plastic parts of the heater can damage the material and cause cracks or premature failure.

6. Place paper sleeves to prevent future damage.

To reduce wax stains on the wax warmer, we recommend using paper collars to place around the waxing containers. In this way, the machinery will be protected from wax falling onto its surface during the treatment.


Whether you use wax warmers or microwaves to heat your waxes, proper maintenance is essential to a successful and profitable beauty business – a good professional beauty expert always follows the required safety and hygiene rules while using the best products available on the market.

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