Wednesday, June 19

6 Expert Tips for Hassle-Free Moving During a Pandemic

Moving is already a particularly taxing endeavor and the pandemic made it all the more challenging. You need not worry though as, like all things, it can be easily navigated if you’re prepared and fully organized. To help you, we talked to moving experts and asked for tips on moving during a pandemic. You simply need to take note of the following to secure that you have a stress-free and hassle-free moving experience amidst a pandemic:



Expert Moving Tip #1: Be the early bird! Plan early. Pack early.

One thing that the pandemic brought was the normalization of cancellations and delays. Since everything depends on the current wave or rage of the virus, every mandated health protocol can change in just a snap. All industries are now used to regular disruptions. Hence, it is important that you prepare early and pack early. This removes the need to worry about things getting delayed because you’d always be prepared and ready to go should there be any cancellation or delay. You should make it a point to always be ready and on the go. This can only be done if you’d follow a strict timeline and scheduling that focuses on early preparation. Tackling packing as early as possible is highly advised because it’s the most time-consuming moving activity. Take packing one day at a time. Dedicating an entire day to it can be tricky as it is possible for you to get overwhelmed and not finish the task. With the one-day-at-a-time approach, you won’t feel the stress and exhaustion at all.

Expert Moving Tip #2: Always be updated.

You should always be fully informed and engaged. For this task to be easier, make it a point to dedicate an hour in the morning and an hour at night to check on COVID-19 news and update. Staying informed and engaged will help you in picking the right dates and times for your actual move.

Expert Moving Tip #3: Discuss everything with your chosen moving company.

You should be in close coordination with your local furniture removalists. You should tell them everything you need. Likewise, you should duly require everything that they request to effect a smooth moving experience. You should inquire about health protocols and protective methods that they deploy. You should also be informed if there will be charges in case of emergencies.

Choose a moving company that you’re comfortable working with. It should be a moving company that would make you feel safe and secure. Do note that you should duly cancel the move if you feel any flu-like symptoms within the last 14 days before the scheduled move.

Expert Moving Tip #4: Know what to do on your moving day.

You should be extra particular with the health protocols that you’re going to follow on the moving day itself. You, the rest of your family, and all of the staff and crew from the moving company that you’d choose should be briefed and fully aware of such health protocols. You should closely observe the following health protocols:

  • observe proper social distancing
  • use personal protective equipment
  • wear a mask
  • sanitize your hands at all times
  • sanitize high-touch areas
  • limit road stops
  • if you could keep other members of your family far from the moving process, do so

Expert Moving Tip #5: Know what to do at your new home.

You should do the following upon arriving at your new home:

  • sanitize all surfaces
  • clean the space
  • wash the pillows
  • wash the tables
  • wash the rugs

Expert Moving Tip #6: Have your own health protocols.

You should feel free to deploy your own health protocols. As this is your life and the life of the people around you at risk, you should be ever vocal on your demands from family members and the moving company crew regarding health protocols. You should feel free to request a Negative COVID-19 Test Result from all staff and crew before proceeding with the move. You are also very free to demand that you will only work with staff and crew that have been vaccinated.


These are COVID Protocols that Good Removalists Observe:

Take note that a good moving company will observe the following health protocols:

  1. The moving company – all its employees and contractors – are always duly updated when it comes to COVID-19 Health Protocols from the government. They should be fully aware of all required health practices. They should also be fully aware of all updated travel guidelines.
  2. All employees must duly wear a mask.
  3. All employees must be dedicated to practicing proper hygiene.
  4. All employees must be wearing proper protective equipment at all times.
  5. All employees that show any COVID-19 symptoms must stay at home and get tested.
  6. All employees take the weekly required COVID tests by the government.
  7. All employees must duly use the QR codes provided by the government to check in on every area that they service.
  8. All employees must be extremely organized and dedicated to minimizing the chances of spreading the virus.
  9. All employees who travelled internationally must be placed in quarantine before contact with clients and other persons.
  10. All employees who have been abroad and who have gone into quarantine can only return to work if they can present a negative COVID test result.
  11. All employees must strictly observe zero physical contact.
  12. All vehicles are to be disinfected.
  13. All employees must be fully vaccinated.