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6 Important Considerations Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a personal haven. It should allow you to always feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed. There is something about it that is extremely private, personal, and solemn. Hence, planning for remodeling should be done with utmost care and consideration. Remodeling is the best opportunity to be fully intentional with how you want your bathroom to be. Calling the shots on all the decisions will make you feel fully in control but it can also easily overwhelm you. To avoid that, you simply need to consider six important factors when remodeling your bathroom.

Why is it essential that you consider particular factors?

It is important that you be aware of these important considerations to all yourself to:

  1. Saves your money – you will save so much if you already have a clear idea of what you want and what you need in mind. If you know the important considerations to take note of, you’d always easily know what to prioritize and what to look for.
  1. Saves you time – you will have so much more time in your hands because you won’t need to do endless research and browsing on Pinterest.
  1. Streamline scheduling – knowing the main important considerations would simplify your scheduling.
  1. Experience fast project execution and completion – as you know all the important factors to prioritize, you won’t waste precious time on things that don’t matter. Naturally, your bathroom remodeling will be finished and completed sooner.

6 Important Considerations Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

#1:  Consider Your Bathroom’s Ventilation

Prioritizing ventilation should be no. 1 when you’re remodeling your bathroom. Apart from the fact that COVID-19 is airborne and it’s now best to prioritize air sanitation and purification at all times, your bathroom is also that part of your house that is most prone to moisture. You don’t want excessive moisture as it will easily make your bathroom smell and look dreary. To effectively avoid that, you should deploy all the best ventilation practices when remodeling your bathroom. When planning for ventilation you should do extensive research on windows, exhaust fans, and window vents.

#2: Consider Your Bathroom’s Lighting

Lighting can make or break the desired feel that you want out of your bathroom. This aspect should never be overlooked because it composes 50%, if not 80% of the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Apart from aesthetic purposes, it is also imperative that you choose lighting with superb functionality. Having nice lighting that is not functional is counterproductive because you need to make it easy for yourself to enjoy and maintain your bathroom. It will be impossible to effectively clean it if it has weak and ineffective lighting.

When planning for lighting, it’s best to prioritize natural light. Pick a design that will allow as much natural light in. Your bathroom should feel light and airy at all times. For better design, incorporate as many windows as you can. You can also consider installing a sunroof.

When planning for artificial light when the sun has already set, you should apply layering strategies. Your lighting should be dimmable and rid of angles that can cast shadows. For your vanity, always use soft lighting that is within eye level.

#3: Consider Your Bathroom’s Layout

You should decide on your bathroom’s layout prior to choosing its aesthetic. Its layout is the very foundation of all design attributes that will come into play so you need to be definite about how you want it to be. Consider your personal priorities and preferences when designing a layout. Know the space that you would be working with. Fully utilize natural lighting when planning your layout. Dedicate a day to follow the movement of the sun over your house within a day. Note where the sunrise and the sunset are. Catch as much sunlight as you can in your bathroom layout.

#4: Consider Your Need for a Bathtub

Do you even need a bathtub?

Most bathrooms still come with one but more and more people are now realizing that they don’t even need one. Ask yourself honestly, are you the kind of person who uses a bathtub? If you are one, then have one duly installed by all means. But if you’re not one who enjoys spending hours in a bathtub, it’s best to skip this part. It will save you so much money and space.

#5: Consider Your Aesthetic Preference

This is easily one of the most fun considerations to plan for. The question is very simple: how do you want your bathroom to look?

Do you want a modern and sleek feel? Do you prefer a cottage vibe? What colors will make you feel energized? Do you want the space to be fully tiled? Know your personal aesthetic preferences when planning. If you’d be sharing your bathroom with your husband or wife, he or she should also have input on the matter. You wouldn’t want your partner to always feel alienated whenever he or she uses the bathroom.

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#6: Consider Your Budget

Spending for bathroom remodeling can easily lead to overspending if you don’t have a particular budget in place. You can conveniently avoid overspending by simply being direct with your contractors and suppliers. You can be easily direct if you have a clear value in mind. Hence, be definite and strict with the amount of money that you can and are willing to spend. It would be advantageous if you could look for a contractor that offers remodeling services at fixed prices. Avoid ones that only offer rough estimations. Everyone knows that such an estimation could balloon easily.