Wednesday, June 19

7 Amazing Benefits of Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets

The popularity of lacquer for making kitchen cabinets is going through the roof. If you seek a fast-install product with a beautiful finish, this is the ideal material for you, especially if you want to go low on overhead costs. While people may argue that lacquer finishes don’t last long, there’s no denying that they spoil you with choices of styles and designs to give your kitchen an instant sparkle.

However, aesthetics is not the only benefit of lacquer cabinets. Let’s inform you about others.

  • Lacquer dries up quick – Unlike other finishing materials, lacquer dries up pretty quickly and gets your new kitchen up and running in no time.
  • Less yellowing in years – It’s a tough material that doesn’t get yellow for many years. It’s thin and penetrates the wood deeply, thus creating a protective seal over it.
  • Lacquer is less expensive – As compared to other finishing materials like shellac or varnish, lacquer is way cost-effective. It also gives you the most value for your money, as it doesn’t involve too much labour.
  • You can always recoat it – Recoating lacquer is an effective process to renovate your cabinets when they get yellowish. Whenever it suffers damage, or you think that the paint is wearing out, all you‘ve to do it spray another coat on it.
  • You can experiment with colours – Lacquer is available in multiple colours, so you’re spoilt with choices when it comes to this finishing material. Choose a shade that goes well with your kitchen interiors, your countertops and everything else.
  • Varieties of finishing – You can go for matt finish, glossy or medium finish, depending on your kitchen interiors, your tastes and preferences. While the dull, matt look has a sophisticated edge to it, the glossy, sparkling look is for a modern, upbeat kitchen. If you can’t decide between the two, go for the medium finish.
  • It can be applied to all types of cabinets – When you choose this finish, your possibilities increase, and you’re free to experiment with your choices. Contact expert professionals at armoire de cuisine Cuisines Rosemère to find out what will work best in your kitchen.

Lacquer cabinets look great in some kitchen and take the aesthetics to another level. However, most kitchen owners opt for the same to cut down the costs of investment. If you’re one of those people, who are looking for cost-effective options to remodel their kitchens, lacquer cabinets are your best bet.