Friday, June 21

7 Cool Landscaping Ideas for Dubai Residences

Imagine a soul comforting time spent with your loved ones in your garden; it delights your life, isn’t it? You can create such an environment at your own home, even in a bustling city like Dubai. This is where landscaping companies in Dubai comes into play. They can conjure up few ideas that can conceptualize how you want to plan out your garden. Here is a little sneak-peak into what they can do for you to have your own dream garden.


When planning the landscaping, not only aesthetic but also prevailing climatic conditions are to be considered. We are aware of the climate of Dubai and what a blistering heat from sun could to your delicate plants in your garden. Understanding the situation, we plant those plants that are robust in general but also have that delicate look. These plants can be grown in soil or even a water filled pitchers. Most common one is money plant. There are also succulents, stag horns, Xanadu, cacti, yellow lilly, Geranium and so on.


The gardening is not always about planting those that are only ornamental. We can also plant that produce edibles without compromising visual beauty of your garden. Once again the climatic conditions are considered and those vegetables and herbs that are grown in a small jardinières or window boxes like mint, rosemary, parsley and basil. This act as utilitarian garden in disguise of eye catchy arrangement.


The temperature of Dubai never makes it easy for us to maintain greenness of grass. Added to that if you landscape is quite large, the situation is havoc in terms of maintenance and cost. An up to the mark alternative we provide is installing artificial grass. The landscaping companies in Dubai does a great job in installing one that is also cost efficient.


Landscaping companies can also impart you, a serene ambience where in a warm afternoon you are sitting on lawn chair by a fountain listening to the dripping and bubbling sounds of water. Installing water fountains will also accentuate the beauty of garden. The choice of these water structures is wide and comes in different size that can be tailored to your requirement. Some examples are koi ponds, elegant drip-drop fountain, stone cascading fountain, statue water fountain, bubbly fountain, waterfalls and so on.


You wish you to spend holiday with a leisure environment at your own home? Simple! Ask out to landscaping companies to add elegance to your outdoor living spaces, small or large by revamping your porch or installing chic patio. You can go vintage or modern. Interior designers also believe that colors can dramatically affect one’s moods and emotions. Refresh your mind by repainting your outdoor spaces with vibrant colors. You can also set up a bar or barbecue to hang out with your friends. You can easily achieve a heavenly combo of home and vacation.


Pergolas are garden structures, very commonly found in desert climates and hence best suggestion for your gardens in Dubai. A pergola is a long linear structure over a garden pathway with posts or pillars supporting cross-beams and an open lattice, forming a shaded walkway, passageway or sitting area. It can be an individual structure or can be attached to a house. Pergolas provide a place for vines to grow which in provide shades. Some of the newer designs put lattice on top of the cross rafters that provide dappled shade, but still let a lot of sun shine through.


A gazebo is another garden structure that is octagonal and often used as a location to congregate and relax. This structure dates back to 18th century that were built into hillsides to accentuate the grandiose countryside views. In general, they are open in all sides but now they have been upgraded by adding screens. You can always add a zing to your outdoor space by building one.