Saturday, April 20

7 Toxic Myths About Modular Homes You Should Not Believe


There are a lot of advantages to modular homes, but the most significant benefit is that they are much less expensive per square foot than site-built homes. Not only are they affordable, but they can also be highly energy-efficient. That means lower heating and cooling bills are both possible. The homeowner can save a lot of money on utilities.

However, an individual should know more about modular homes and their assets before trying out modular homes.

Modular homes are built section-by-section in factories. According to the International Residential Code, these massive, climate-controlled facilities assemble homes according to state and local building codes. They also come with warranties that cover labor and materials. These benefits can make modular homes an excellent option for many people.

One of the most significant pluses of modular homes is that they are not subject to zoning laws and building codes that govern site-built homes. The process of building such an establishment like Florida prefab homes can be incredibly fast, depending on the complexity of the project. The production process is scheduled so that the builder can follow the order of business. 

Once all this is done and settled, the buyer can set up the home and enjoy the relaxation, comfort, and peace they yearn for in their new humble abode.

Nonetheless, multiple clients are not that aware of these modular homes. Some are even believing toxic myths that refrain them from trying out purchasing one!

Thus, read the infographic below brought to you by one of the many well-known Texas prefab homes companies, Green-R-Panel, to enlighten you with what belief you should not believe in about modular homes:

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