Friday, April 12

8 Reasons it’s Great To Have the Personality of a Door mat

You only get one chance to leave the first impression, which is how the old saying goes. That being crystal clear, saying that you want to have a personality of a doormat, is unusual, to say the least. We are here to change the perspective and opinions of such things by showing you just how important one doormat is and how to use it effectively. After all, it’s the first thing that greets your guests at the door and is part of your house design. Doormats take the first steps of your visitors, then invite them inside, and offer a little sneak peek of what awaits. Various doormats can show your personality and, we are about to show you just how they achieve that.

1. Classic “Home Sweet Home” doormat

This can mean that you are a friendly, open, and inviting person, and such is your home. People coming here can expect a pleasant and warm atmosphere, home-cooked meals, and hearty talks. All the great qualities a host should have and it all starts with this simple mat and a wooden front door. These places are hard to leave as many people to think of them as a second home, which is one of the highest honors you can get. Snuggled in comfort and security, warmth exudes from the start, and stay with your guests long after they leave.

2. Doormats with a company logo

You are an entrepreneur, running your business from the comfort of your home. Punctual, organized, and full of energy, your personality is imprinted on the doormat and, people can see and feel that. Running a successful business is no easy task, but you make it look easy and, as soon as someone sees that company logo that you worked hard to make, they know they are at the right place. Packed with useful and practical knowledge, you are there to guide them thru the intricacies of the business world as you know all the ins and outs of it. Reliable and trustworthy, it’s both a pleasure and a privilege to do business with you and be a guest at your home.

3. Simple, plan “Hello”

Friends and neighbors know that they can drop by at any time. You are the life of the party, and your home is the place to be. Everyone can feel like they are at home here and, from the moment they step on that greeting doormat they are being welcomed by positive energy. Like a favorite coffee shop in a sitcom, your place is bookmarked by your friends, neighbors, and relatives as they know you will always greet them with open arms and a warm beverage.

4. Unique and quirky

Having a custom printed message, logo, or picture is a good sign of creativity. Your creative spark buzzes and oozes at every step and, it’s impossible to contain it within your home. Getting a durable and affordable mat online that’s unique to your taste has never been easier. As it is important to express yourself, it’s also refreshing to channel it in unexpected ways.

5. Mats from natural materials

Hemp, straw, or similar that is handwoven and with earthly tones. These are sure indicators that you are almost always outside, exploring the great Australian outback. Hitting the road, going places, camping, etc. there is a high chance you are not home. But when you are, you want to share your experiences with any quests that may arrive. Showing beautiful pictures from the countryside as your quests relax and enjoy your experiences is what quests can expect, from the moment they step on your all-natural doormat.

6. Rubber mats

Tidy, organized, and clean, right at the start. Mats that efficiently clean any dirt from your shoes and offer a clean start are made for this. When coming inside such a home you are most certainly greeted by pleasant smells of a freshly cleaned floor with curtains that are exhuming from the gentle wind. Just being there makes you feel cleaner and, it’s often the most pleasant experience that makes you want to come back time after time.

7. Pet themed mats

Paws, tails, and happy animal faces are there to brighten up anybody’s day. You love your pets and, why shouldn’t you since they provide unconditional love and are your family members. Buzzing around and becoming part of every conversation by planting themself in laps for petting is part of the deal once someone is here. Guests are always welcome to pat and play with them as they love company and are great entertainers. The more, the merrier, which is how the saying goes and, it has never been truer than in a pet owner’s home.

8. Patriotic mats

Being proud of your local area, city, or with Australia as a whole is a positive trait and welcomed in these times. Loyalty, duty, and commitment are the prime qualities that you want to shine with pride. Making a local landmark or flag on your doormat welcomes local patriots and highlights the thing people should visit while they are in the area. And it also gives you a chance to be a tour guide as there is no one more knowledgeable in these things than yourself.

As you can see, having the personality of a doormat is a thing of beauty, pride, and uniqueness. As different doormats are used to convey various messages and highlight your personality, so can they be used as part of your home design. Creativity is interwoven with each of them with bravery as well. It takes a lot of courage to stand up and change social norms but, it is possible. Change starts with you, and at your doorstep so, even though it’s a small detail, it can mean a lot. Small details are, after all, the spice of life and, there is no reason not to use them. We wish you loads of fun while you pick and choose the right doormat for your personality and home.