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8 Technology Upgrades You Can Add to Your Home

Did you know that there are around 175 million smart homes in the world? Smart homes allow you to reduce energy usage, save water, have a more secure home, and make your life easier. 

Because there are so many conveniences to having a smart home, making Smart Home Technology Installation honolulu hi upgrades will improve your house value and make your home easier to sell.

Whether you want to sell your house or have a more comfortable living environment, upgrading your house is worth it. If you want a smart home, keep reading for eight smart home technology ideas. 

  1. Smart Thermostat

One of the best home upgrades that you can make is installing a smart thermostat. Heating and cooling make up around 53% of the average household’s electricity bill. 

If you want to save a large amount of energy and lessen your impact on the environment, a smart thermostat is a good option. With a smart thermostat, you can create a heating and cooling schedule. 

While you are home, your thermostat will stay at a comfortable temperature. When you are at work, your thermostat can adjust to save energy. 

With a smart thermostat, you also can control the temperate from your phone, get detailed energy use statistics, and get alerts there is a problem with your HVAC system. 

If you are ready to reduce your electric bill using a smart thermostat, Brothers Plumbing, Air, and Electric can help. 

  1. Smart Locks

Another one of the best home upgrades that you can make is smart locks. Smart locks provide secure access to your home, allow you to leave your keys at home, and alert you if someone tries to break in. 

With smart locks, you can give everyone in your household access to your house. You also can give family and friends access in case there is an emergency. 

Some of the most common types of smart locks include ones that work with your phone, key fobs, fingerprint, and voice. 

  1. Video Doorbell

Another great way to increase the security of your home is to install a video doorbell. With a video doorbell, you can see anyone at your doorstep and talk to them. 

Video doorbells allow you to communicate with postal workers when they deliver a package, see when your kids get home, and tell if someone is trying to break into your house. 

You also should install security lighting with your video doorbell. This will help deter criminals, prevent tripping at night, and make it easier to see your video doorbell. 

  1. Smart Smoke Detectors

Did you know that you can install smart smoke detectors? While traditional smoke detectors do a great job at detecting smoke, smart detectors have more features that could make it worth upgrading. 

One of the biggest benefits of getting a smart smoke detector instead of a regular one is that you can get notifications on your phone. If the smoke detector goes off, you will know right away. 

This can give you peace of mind if you have pets or worry about your belongings.

Smart smoke detectors also allow you to disable a false alarm from your phone, and you may qualify for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance

  1. Smart Shades

If you want to upgrade your house and save money on your electric bill, smart shades are a good investment. Like with a smart thermostat, you can create a schedule with smart shades. 

When you are at work, you can schedule your shades to close. This will reduce your energy usage by limiting the amount of sunlight that enters your home. When you get home, the shades will open to give you sunlight. 

In addition to lowering your electric bill, smart shades can improve security. Criminals choose to break into houses when people are on vacation.

With smart shades, you can set a schedule to open and shut your shades. This will give the impression that someone is home even when they aren’t. 

  1. Smart Lights

Another great way to save money and increase convenience is to install smart lights. If you upgrade to LED lightbulbs, your lights can last years longer than standard bulbs and use less energy. 

Before you install LED lightbulbs, make sure you retrofit your fixtures. LED retrofitting is the process of converting your old light fixtures to accommodate LED lightbulbs.

Smart lights can also help you save energy by turning off automatically. You can schedule lights to turn off when no one is home, and some smart lights have sensors that detect movement. 

  1. Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are a simple upgrade if you want to have a smart house. Unlike regular plugs, smart plugs let you control the flow of electricity out of the outlets in your home. 

Outlet switch installations are easy, and they can reduce your power usage. For example, your electronics can quit charging once the battery is full. 

  1. Smart Appliances

If you want to upgrade your kitchen, installing smart appliances is a good way to do it. When you install smart appliances, you save electricity, make your life easier, and increase your home value. 

You can invest in toasters with smart sensors, refrigerators that let you find recipes on your fridge, and ovens with a camera on the inside. 

Are You Ready to Install These Technology Upgrades?

If you want to increase your house value, save money on your electricity bill, and reduce water usage, then you should make home technology upgrades. If you are looking for smart home ideas, keep these tips in mind. 

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