Wednesday, June 19

9 Common AC Problems Homeowners May Experience

Winter has come and gone, and Spring has sprung! That means flowers blooming, pollen flying, and higher temperatures.

The NOAA projects that this Spring will be even hotter than usual, so you need to make sure that your AC unit is up to snuff. Believe us, you don’t want it to break right when the heat waves or droughts come in.

So, if you would rather not spend the Spring sweating, watch out for these 9 common AC problems that many homeowners experience.

1. AC Filter Clogged or Dirty

This is by far one of the most common air conditioner problems that homeowners have to deal with, especially during the springtime. The filters in your HVAC units put in a lot of work, whether you dust religiously or let it pile up. As such, they can become dirty or even clogged after months of getting the dust and other grime out of your air.

Thankfully, this problem has a quick fix. All you need to do is clean out the excess dust. After about 2 months, swap out the filter for a clean one and dispose of the old, dirty filter in the garbage.

2. Loud, Rattling Noises from the AC

This problem causes many people to call for AC replacement right away. To be fair, loud, rattling noises filling your house every time the air conditioning kicks on is not conducive to a calm or productive home environment. They’re also usually a sign of a much more serious problem going on beneath the surface.

No matter what you think the cause might be, call a repairman ASAP. The professionals at Air Systems Heating and Cooling can help you resolve the underlying issue that’s causing the noise.

3. Water and Refrigerant Leaks

These air conditioner issues can be harder to notice, as they tend to occur in areas that homeowners don’t check on a regular basis. However, if you see excess condensation within or bright, colored fluid near your unit, that could mean that your AC is leaking water or refrigerant. Either is a reason to call the repairman right away.

4. AC Won’t Blow Cold Air

The main reason why people call in with a broken air conditioner is that it isn’t putting out cold air. If your AC puts out room temperature or even hot air, there are a few potential causes.

One cause is a dirty air filter, which is a relatively simple fix. Another potential reason for the issue is a circuit breaker issue. Still a pain, but not a problem. However, it could also be that there’s a refrigerant leak, which is a serious issue.

5. AC Won’t Even Turn On

Another one of the most common AC problems homeowners deal with is when the unit won’t even turn on. If there’s no power elsewhere in the house, then the reason for the malfunction becomes obvious.

Take a moment to check your circuit breaker and make sure that something didn’t get tripped. If all seems well at the breaker, then the issue could be either a faulty thermostat or faulty wiring. In either case, you’ll need to call an electrician.

Do not attempt to handle wiring repairs yourself. While it’s technically legal if you own the house, it’s not advisable.

6. System Freeze

Frozen evaporator coils can have you calling for AC replacement if not taken care of right away. These freezes occur when your HVAC system works too hard to keep your house cool. They also mean that your unit doesn’t receive sufficient airflow to operate correctly.

Common causes for this issue include dirty filters and condenser units. If you’re feeling the chill of an AC system freeze, try swapping your filters or calling the pros to help with the condenser.

7. Broken Thermostat Sensors

Have you ever adjusted and adjusted the thermostat, wondering why it didn’t seem to do anything? If so, then the likely culprit behind the malfunction was a broken sensor. Most thermostats require specialized sensors placed near the evaporator coil.

Should those sensors break or even budge out of position, it could sever the connection from your thermostat to the wider system. This effectively destroys your ability to cool your house.

8. AC Running and It Won’t Stop Running

It’s a pain when you try to turn the AC on and it won’t do so. It’s almost worse when it won’t stop running, no matter what you do. Your power bills and your wallet will curse you if you don’t resolve this air conditioner issue swiftly.

There are a few reasons why this could happen. It could be an issue with the thermostat, the filter, or the compressor. Try to turn the fan off at the thermostat first.

If that doesn’t work, then call in for repairs ASAP because you do not want the expense of always-on air conditioning to tally on your next power bill.

9. Something Smells

When the weather swaps from warm to cold and you turn on the heat, it’s common to have an odd smell at first. However, the same should not hold true when you turn on your air conditioning for the first time in the spring. If something smells odd, it’s a sign of serious issues.

If it smells like gas, cut power immediately and notify your utility company that there’s a gas leak in your home. If the smell seems like rotten eggs, it could be due to decomposing animals that got caught in the unit at some point. However, it might also be a warning sign of mold. So, keep your repairman on speed dial.

Looking for More Common AC Problems and Their Fixes?

Above, we went over 9 of the most common AC problems and their usual fixes. However, this doesn’t cover everything that can go wrong with your home’s heating, cooling, and water.

To learn more about common utility problems that you may have to deal with as a homeowner, check out the Home Improvement section of our blog for more informative articles like this one!