Tuesday, May 21

9 Tricks When Packing Mobile Storage Containers

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Hiring moving experts and relocating on your own are two extreme options if you’re moving to a new home. This is why there are moving companies that are offering storage containers for rent: this option gives you the best of both worlds. While you do the packing, loading, and unloading yourself, the company does the job of delivering the unit/s to your old place and moving it/them to your new address on your preferred schedule.

If you’re opting for this route, we’re here to help you out. In this article, we’re giving you a roundup of 9 tested tricks when packing mobile moving containers.

Declutter and organize your belongings. One of the first steps in packing efficiently — whichever moving option you’d prefer — is to declutter your belongings. Identify which ones you’ll take with you to your new place and which ones you’ll sell or donate. Bear in mind that you don’t have to take all of your items with you, or else, your move will be too costly.

Keep an inventory and label your boxes. Having an inventory of your things will help you monitor them effectively — Which items go in the same box? Have they been packed already? Which stuff should be considered fragile? To further help you identify which is which, it’s also important to label your boxes using your preferred scheme (e.g. Name-based, color-coded).

Know what you can and can’t load in a storage container. Companies that offer storage containers for rent typically instruct their customers about what are the things allowed and not allowed to load in their units. Keep in mind that items that are perishable and flammable should never be kept in a moving container. So are your pertinent documents (which we’ll tackle later).

Pack vertically. To maximize your storage unit, make sure to create a “wall” and pack vertically. It’s wise to load mattresses and boxes around the outside edges of the unit to further provide good foundation and stability.

Distribute weight evenly. Never load all heavy items at once because this will prevent you from distributing weight evenly across your container. To make a strategic weight distribution, place furniture, appliances, and heavy boxes throughout the unit.

Disassemble your bulky furniture. Speaking of furniture, you’d also need to disassemble their parts in order to optimize the space of your moving container. Make sure to keep manuals of instructions with you to help you reassemble them properly once you’re in your new home.

Fill in empty spaces. If you have empty spaces left, be sure to fill it in with items like linens or clothing. This will help stabilize your items and keep them safe as you relocate to your new place.

Make use of loading straps. While en route to your new address, your belongings can still shift and get damaged despite packing them as strategically as possible. To protect your stuff, invest in, and make use of loading straps.

Keep essential items within reach. From pertinent documents to toiletries and medicinal supplies, you have to store essential items in separate boxes and envelopes and keep them within your reach. Though portable storage containers for rent are generally safe, it’s more advisable to take them with you for heightened security purposes.

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