Saturday, May 18

A Great Comparison among Corian, Quartz, and Granite Countertop

Are you considering for kitchen countertop? But confused a bit at first glance? Look at the three most common styles of quartz countertops Toronto— solid surface, quartz, and slab granite. It’s deliberate. It has an amazingly stone-like appearance, and is made of solid surface and natural granite material. You only begin to distinguish differences when you get close to the material and experience it. Here is the difference:

Basic Difference

Solid Surface: If you are looking for heavy polymer-laden countertop material, then solid-surface is meant for you.  It is a lower-priced and popular material because of the competition in brands.

Quartz: Quartz is the catchy marketing term and is more widely known as engineered stone. To create a hard, rock-like surface for countertops, a slurry of natural minerals is combined with resins. It is less fake than a solid surface but faker than slab granite.

Slab Granite: Real 100% granite is taken from the ground and sliced into plaques. Nothing has been added, nothing has been taken from it.

Appearance and Feel

Solid Surface: it comes in uniform and matte finish. Solid surface can be buffed into a polished mirror, but manufacturers do not recommend it because of its scratch-prone surface. But they are soft and smooth like a soap bar. Marks will eventually develop and this will offer a matte look.

Quartz: It gives homogeneous appearance with Lustrous, deep, three-dimensional. If desired, the surface can be honed to a gloss.

Slab Granite: Rich, crystalline, and lustrous. It is attractively chaotic and a strong contrast to the homogeneous look of the quartz countertop. It feels smooth and glossy in touch.

Installation and Cost

Solid Surface: it requires pro Installation, but no need to be sealed. It cost $35 and up.

Quartz: it also needs pro Installation but no need to be sealed. It costs $50 and up.

Slab Granite: it also needs pro Installation. It required to be sealed to avoid staining. It will cost $60 and up.

Buy It If

Solid Surface: if you want a homogeneous look with competitive pricing, buy it.

Quartz: if you are looking for a solid, stone-like countertop with a homogeneous look, buy it. It requires virtually zero maintenance.

Slab Granite: if you desire for a stone countertop that gives one-of-a-kind appearance, just go with it. If you do not mind occasional maintenance duties, it will be best for you.