Monday, June 24

A Guide for Pairing Quartz Countertops and Storage 

Home kitchens are in great need of storage solutions that are very effective whenever there is a need to organize various things for different purposes and occasions. Many homeowners have recently purchased quarts countertops as they realize their space-saving benefits in conjunction with kitchen storage. Its compartmentalizing ability is helpful for parents who need to help children with their homework, cook while entertaining guests, bake while working on a hobby, and so much more.

These kitchen storage solutions come in different sizes to accommodate your available countertop size! May these tips help you find the right combination for your kitchen storage space:

Knowing the Size of the Room

To choose the suitable countertop material, first, consider the size of the room where you want it placed to ensure that it will match the fixtures and the dimensions of the kitchen cabinets.

Choosing the Right Appliances

One great way to keep your countertops from getting full is by combining stainless steel appliances and stoneware. Custom kitchen storage is achievable by carefully choosing your appliances and considering their purposes in your kitchen.

Location of Storage Area

In considering the place of the storage area, make sure that the countertop and appliances will not be much of a distraction. A balanced look in the kitchen means placing your appliances in the areas where it is best seen. 

For example, a flat TV above your oven is a good start as it will block out anything that blocks the view while maximizing the space offered by your quartz countertop.

A quartz countertop is an excellent kitchen investment. Match it with the kitchen cabinets and drawers will unleash its full potential in kitchen storage and preparation. 

Get more ideas about pairing quartz countertops by checking out this infographic.

A Guide for Pairing Quartz Countertops and Storage