Wednesday, June 19

A Homeowner’s Guide on How to Clean a Metal Roof

Did you know that the BLS has found that each year there are over six hundred fatal falls from roofs? These tragic deaths are often a result of inexperienced people working or cleaning roofs.

Metal roofs in particular are quite slippery which presents a challenge for homeowners that want to clean them safely.

That’s why we made this article. In it, we’ll go over exactly how to clean a metal roof in a way that’s safe and efficient. That way, your roof will look great without you needing to put your life in danger.

How to Clean a Metal Roof

Before you get started cleaning you should first make sure that your metal roof is clear of all debris. With your hands or a broom, make sure that all the leaves are off before you begin cleaning.

Then, using warm water, dish detergent, and a bristle brush, start scrubbing at the top of the roof. Don’t start at the bottom or dirty water will ruin any progress you make.

Once you go over everything rinse everything off with clean water. If you encounter any spots on the roof, then you can spot treat them with a solvent.

Alternatively, if you have a pressure washer, then you can use it to spray down your metal roof much more quickly for metal roof maintenance.

How to Stay Safe While Cleaning

If your metal roof is relatively flat, then it can be safe for metal roof cleaning. But, if it’s steep, then you need to take extra safety precautions. Here are some things you can do to stay safe while cleaning a metal roof:

  • Get a ladder and secure it
  • Wear a harness on the roof
  • Wear a helmet in case you fall
  • Have a good tool belt
  • Wear sturdy shoes
  • Make sure the weather is clear

If you don’t have enough of these safety devices, then consider hiring a professional.

Should You Hire a Professional?

If you don’t have the appropriate equipment, or you just don’t want to risk injury or worse on a roof, then hire a professional.

Not only is a pro roof cleaner trained to work in these dangerous places, but they can often do a better job more quickly.

Just make sure you find a roof cleaning service that comes with good reviews. You can view this roof washing site if you want a good recommendation.

Appreciate Learning How to Clean a Metal Roof? Keep Reading

We hope this article helped you learn how to clean a metal roof. Remember that if you don’t have the equipment to clean your roof safely, then you shouldn’t do it. A clean roof isn’t worth risking your life over.

Instead, invest in the tools or contact a professional. Did you appreciate this article? We have hundreds of more informative articles just like it so keep reading to find them.