Wednesday, June 19

A Small Guide to Modern Small Bedroom Design

In 2020, the number of new single-family homes with four or more bedrooms rose by 2.6 percent which is a sharp incline from previous years. Not only were Americans obsessed with huge homes before the pandemic, but now more than ever, people want more space.

But what if you don’t have that luxury? What if you have a small bedroom layout and need to make the best of it?

Don’t worry! Beautiful, functional, and modern small bedroom design is 100 percent possible. Follow this guide to learn how to make it happen.

Consider Custom Furniture

Many small bedrooms are former attics, box rooms, or other converted spaces. These rooms often have odd corners and sloped ceilings. This means regular mass-produced furniture can’t use all the space available.

And when you have a small bedroom, you need it! When you plan your bedroom design, consider hiring a contractor to build custom furniture. This could be a closet with a sloped top, built-in wardrobes, or floating shelves that fit into alcoves.

Use Decor Hacks

Choosing the right furniture for your modern small bedroom design is key but there are some decorating ideas that can help too.

Installing mirrors to make your space look bigger is an oldie but a goodie because it’s a tip that works. You can attach a full-length mirror to the back of your door if you are short on wall space or buy lots of smaller mirrors to hang on your walls as decoration.

You can also fix your curtain pole above your window to create more length. And you can opt for darker flooring and lighter walls to draw your eyes upwards to create the illusion of higher ceilings.

Get Smart With Storage

It’s difficult to design a bedroom that’s small without including other storage hacks besides custom furniture. You should use every surface and piece of furniture at your disposal to create more storage including your bed and ceiling.

Invest in a raised bed with drawers or boxes underneath. You could also get a headboard with space to store books, plants, and other nick-nacks. And if you do love plants, why not hang one from the ceiling instead of taking up valuable surface space?

Focus On Comfort

One of the best small bedroom ideas is to make the room as cozy as possible. Then, it will feel like a pillow fort hideaway and not a nuisance.

Hang fairy lights where the ceiling meets the wall and toss at least six throw pillows on your bed. Invest in comfy linen sheets and a crocheted wool blanket. And you can never have too many candles in your bedroom even if it’s small!

Modern Small Bedroom Design Will Transform Your Dinky Den

Any small rooms, let alone bedrooms, pose a lot of design constraints. But with these modern small bedroom design tips, you should be able to create a sleeping space that is both cozy and cute.

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