Monday, June 24

Add more space to your small kitchen with over the sink racks

over the sink dish rack Pic

Owning a small kitchen brings lot more problems to everyday life. You must feel comfortable with the drawbacks. You don’t have enough space to install a dishwasher. Balancing with it, dish racks become a necessary element for your kitchen. You want your kitchen counter cleaned and utensils organized. Only a dish rack can help you out.

How to prevent water spillage on the kitchen counter after a pile of utensils is washed on? The answer is – a dish rack. It helps the excess water drain out and let the utensils dry.

Over the sink racks are easy to install, save lots of space and make the excess water drip directly into the sink.

These multifunctional and lightweight racks are the primary tools that every small kitchen should have.

Here, we’ve collected a few most efficient kitchen racks that will make a perfect match for your kitchen.

Folding sink rack:

It’s a stainless-steel sink rack that is oil-resistant, heat-resistant and rust-proof. To create additional room. This sturdy rack can be folded over when not in use. It’s made of dishwasher-proof material, you can easily place it into the dishwasher for a clean wash. The steel pipes are bound together by a sturdy silicone band, it can be trimmed as you wish. The silicone fringes are designed to fit into any sink size. You can use this to dry vegetables, fruits and kitchen towels as well.

Compact over the sink drying rack:

It’s designed to cover up half of your sink – mostly gets fit into every sink type. It allows you to place the washed utensils over the rack to dry and drain the excess water. It’s made of heat-resistant material and can beat up to 240 degrees centigrade. You can easily place super-hot cookware utensils on it. The steel pipes are placed close enough to hold each of the tiny items and cutlery you use in your kitchen. It’s efficient over the sink dish rack, provides easy access for air-drying. It’s also a dishwasher-safe item that can be an essential tool for every kitchen.

Wrought iron drying rack:

This wrought-iron over the sink rack can be used as a multipurpose tool in the kitchen. It’s BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Use this as kitchen storage on the counter when not being used in the sink. It has handles on either side for easier portability.

This super effective sink rack is crafted from plastic and stainless steel. Place it in your sink at any angle – horizontally or diagonally. You can place up to 7 dishes at a time on this dish drainer.

Two-tier stainless steel dish rack:

It’s an ideal choice for drying and washing a large number of utensils. It has detachable hooks to hang spoons, saucepans, ladles, whisks and more. You can remove separate compartments and place them as you wish. The whole stand is removable. So, it can be customized and adjusted to fit the best in your kitchen.

Expandable dish rack:

Such expandable designs seem efficient to fit into any kitchen. You can adjust the rack as your kitchen sink allows. Use it as the storage for utensils, plates, bowls, cutting boards, fruit baskets cutlery holders and many more ways. The rack comes in 30 inches and can be expanded up to 36 inches lengthwise. It has a unique “L” shaped design to distribute the mass weight of the utensils equally – making it more durable and stable.

Single kitchen sink rack:

It has defined spaces for plates, spoons, cutting boards, liquid soaps, dish soaps and other things you use every day in your kitchen. It can perfectly add extra storage space to your kitchen.

Some other essential kitchen sink rack options are also there. All you need to choose according to your personal requirements.