Friday, April 12

Advantages of Installing PEX pipes

Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) piping has become more preferred when it comes to plumbing in homes, even business-related establishments, and industrial warehouses. Before, galvanized steel used to be the leading material for drainage systems, but due to its weight and corrosiveness, copper and plastic took its place equally. These days, most licensed plumbers favor this type of pipe over metal or plastic. Would you like to know why? Here are the reasons it is advantageous to install PEX pipes:

  1. Easy Installment

PEX pipes are adaptable and easy-to-use. PEX pipes can have longer runs with coils that come in lengths up to 1,000 feet. These can be installed in long pipe runs that require fewer fittings and are formable that these can turn 90 degrees corners. For other types of pipes, these would need elbow fittings. The installation process is then shortened because a running tube, one that runs from a water distribution panel to a fixture (like a sink or a tub), is simpler and also because PEX is light-weight. You don’t even have to cut through drywall because PEX can be winded around through finished walls.


  1. Flexibility

Another feature of PEX is that it is malleable, unlike copper, which is rigid, meaning each piece has to be cut to fit a particular size. Also, since it’s flexible, it’s more convenient to ship. It can be stored on spools, whereas metal has to be sliced into specific lengths. This leads to a less complicated shipment because of decreased weight and storage ease.  

  1. Resistant to Freezing and Corrosion

Copper is also durable, but it is rigid, so it breaks easily under pressure, not as adaptable as PEX, and is prone to scale buildup. PEX, on the other hand, is resistant to corrosion (which is essential considering how acidic water is commonplace in the US), insusceptible to chlorine, not vulnerable to rust, and can withstand extremely high and low temperatures. This property prevents pipe bursting, making your water lines safe as a whole, and also helps you avoid the expensive repairs that come with such drainage issues. It also doesn’t transfer heat as readily as other metal pipes do. 

  1. Cost-Effective

The most significant advantage of PEX pipes is its wallet-friendliness. It costs less than copper by 25%, especially that copper price has increased in the previous years. Usually per linear foot, copper costs approximately three to eight dollars, while for PEX, it’s forty to fifty cents only! As a sum, you can save thousands of money when you pipe your house with PEX! It’s less labor-intensive since, as mentioned earlier, it’s easy to install. Moreover, because it’s more durable and resistant, you will have them removed and replaced a fewer number of times, hence not spending cash for additional labor costs. Furthermore, since PEX pipes have less resistance to water flow than other metal pipes, your utility bills will also be decreased.  

In conclusion, PEX pipes are reliable thanks to its fast assembly, adaptability and malleability, superior durability, and practicality. Improve your water plumbing system and contact the experts!