Saturday, May 18

All You Need to Know About Chaise Lounge 

A chaise lounge can be referred to as a reclining chair. Originally, it was known as chaise longue, which is a French term meaning long chair. It is a quintessential furniture piece that has been popular for a long time now. A chaise lounge is the best addition that you can make to the bedroom or drawing room of your house. The chaise lounges made to be kept outdoors are manufactured from hardwood or rattan. Chaise lounges that are upholstered can be used as reading chairs when you are willing to pass your leisure time by curling up in the company of your favourite book for the afternoon. A chaise lounge can be used as a very elegant alternative to a sofa to get additional space for seating space.

What is the length of a chaise lounge? 

The measurements of a chaise lounge can largely vary since it is dependent on several factors such as purpose style. However, there is no single size chaise lounge, which can be suitable for all room dimensions. Generally, a chaise lounge is 73 to 80 inches long and 11 to 12 inches high but they are low levelled. On average, the height of a chaise lounge is 35 to 40 inches. Talking about the breadth, the chaise lounge is designed in such a way that it can accommodate just one person at a time and its width varies from 25 to 30 inches.

How to style a chaise lounge? 

The chaise lounge provides a luxurious feeling which is the reason why it is popular amongst people. It is the compliment of the couch in your house ideally. You can keep the chaise lounge beside a big window so that the people who occupy it can get the exposure of the natural daylight and enjoy the outdoor view. You can also place it in your bedroom for enhancing the decor. You can either keep your chaise lounge blank or you may customize it by adding decorative stiff such as

decorative cushions and pillows which will not just increase the comfort level, but also maintain coordination between the different colours in your bedroom.

This is all about the basic information that you need to have before making up your mind for buying a chaise lounge for your house. Buying a wicker chaise lounge can never be a bad idea since it has got so much to offer other than the level of comfort.