Tuesday, May 21

Are You Interested in Doing Exterior Painting of Your Home?


6 Things to Consider Before Painting Home ExteriorsBuildDirect Blog: Life at Home

If you want to repaint the exterior of your home, then you need to plan it properly. For a few days, your normal schedule may remain disturbed. So, you need to ensure that after the work is over, you may not feel dissatisfied with the painting work done.

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The following are a few steps that you must follow while doing the exterior painting of your home.

  • Remove your pets from the area

When such activities are taking place at home, it is always better to keep your pets away from such an area.

  • Trim all nearby shrubs and plants

Extra shrubs and plants around your home can disturb the painting workers to do the job properly. 

  • Remove all obstacles nearby

Also, if any obstacles can hinder the movement of the crew who is going to paint should be removed. 

  • Wash the exterior properly before painting

Completely wash all the exterior area and then dry them out before the actual work begins. 

  • Scrape away the entire flaking paint

Start scraping all the old paintings so that it is no more visible and should not show up after the painting.

  • Apply caulk

There may be quite some places on the wall, you can find little crack or gap, which can be filled by applying caulk. 

  • Repair if there are any damages

In case, there are any damages seen on the wall, then it should be repaired before painting has to be done.

  • Plan for spills

During the painting, there is always a chance of spilling. So make sure to make some arrangements for their immediate cleaning or covering.

  • Do a test swatch

After applying the primer coating make a sample of your painting on one area of your wall to check the painting.

If you like the shade with the test sample, then you can go ahead with the painting of the exterior.