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Beautiful Lighting Options with the Best Plumbers Now

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When you have selected your bathroom furniture and tiles, it is time to choose the lighting for the bathroom. Bathroom lighting is an essential part of the design and experience of your bathroom. The correct bathroom lighting naturally depends on your wishes and the layout and size of the bathroom. The lighting in a small bathroom is of course different from the lighting in a large bathroom.

In this blog we list a number of useful bathroom lighting tips and possibilities. This allows you to come up with the right bathroom lighting plan for your bathroom. It is also important to mention here that the best professional plumbers are able to install the best mirror lightings for you.

Bathroom ceiling lighting

Indispensable in most bathrooms is the bathroom lighting in the ceiling. With that lighting in the ceiling, also known as the basic lighting of the bathroom, you illuminate the entire bathroom. It is therefore important to pay a lot of attention to this. Popular are the bathroom lighting recessed spotlights.

A false ceiling must first be made for this recessed lighting in the bathroom. The bathroom lighting ceiling spotlights are then built into this. Many of our customers opt for LED lighting in the ceiling. This lighting is placed using LED panels or LED strips. A bathroom with LED lighting in the ceiling gives the bathroom a quiet and modern style.

In addition to the bathroom lighting in the ceiling, you can of course also opt for the bathroom lighting in the wall. Here too there are variants in both ordinary lighting and bathroom LED lighting.

  • Nowadays in more and more modern bathrooms you see the bathroom mirror with lighting. Advantages of the bathroom mirror with lighting are that you have the right lighting when you, for example, make up, shave or brush your teeth.
  • In addition, the lighting in the mirror also contributes to a beautiful appearance of the entire bathroom. Lighting in or around the mirror is also called accent lighting. The mirrors come with both standard and LED lighting.
  • In addition to the bathroom mirrors with lighting, there are also bathroom mirror cabinets with lighting. The lighting is in the furniture and not directly in or behind the mirror. In this case, the spots are usually located next to or above the mirror.
  • We recommend the bathroom mirror cabinet with lighting, especially in country bathrooms.

LED bathroom lighting

We touched on it here and there; the bathroom with LED lighting. More and more people choose bathroom LED lighting. LED spots last a very long time and are therefore very durable. The dimming options also allow you to choose the right amount of light in the bathroom. With LED lighting you bring both atmosphere and efficiency to your bathroom.

Bathroom niche lighting

Nowadays we see lighting in the niches in more and more bathrooms. The bathroom lighting is ideal for creating atmosphere in the bathroom. By placing small spots in the niches, you turn these otherwise useless spaces into functional light spots. The bathroom recess lighting provides atmosphere in both a modern and rural or industrial bathroom. Does your bathroom not have niches? Then you can of course also have it made.

Get inspiration in the showroom

Coming up with a good lighting plan for the bathroom is not easy. Do you want to get inspiration? Then it is definitely worth a visit in our showroom. Here we have an extensive range of lighting. In addition, with the help of our 3d bathroom design software, we can choose the light spots together with you. That way you can immediately see how the new lighting will look in your bathroom.