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Benefits and drawbacks of ceramic


It’s no secret that ceramic tiles are best known for their robustness. They are highly durable and believe it or not, remain in their pristine condition even after thousands of years. The tiles that are glazed make them impervious to water, making it the quintessential option for bathroom and kitchens. Their sheer tenacity and ability to resist tension and impact makes it everyone’s go-to    choice. They are awfully easy to clean as well. Dirt and liquids can be easily mopped out. What’s more? They don’t harbor germs like bacteria and fungi.

Regular sweeping or vacuuming does the job. In the case of stubborn stains, heavy duty cleaners like bleach can be used without the added fear of damaging the surface. Ceramic tiles are mostly glazed but traditional ones like Saltillo must be sealed to safeguard it from stains and fluids. However, the mortar between adjacent tiles has to be sealed regularly for full-scale protection. This rule applies to all kinds of tiles in the market. Tile replacement is not a hassle either.


Owing to the hard surface, it doesn’t attract grime, dirt, dust, animal hair, pollens or debris. This goes a long way in retaining the purity in the air, thereby helping individuals suffering from allergies.


The tiles are embossed with a variety of intriguing designs. In the case of customer-specific requirements, the tiles can be accented with personalized motifs or patterns. They can also imitate the look of natural stones and hardwoods. Last but not the least, ceramic tiles come in all sizes and shapes like square and rectangles. Ceramic flooring is typically seen in Mediterranean houses set in idyllic backgrounds.


It’s affordable and easy to install.


Ceramic flooring is thermal in nature. They tend to get very cold in winters which can prove to be uncomfortable but on a sunny day, these ceramic pieces are a breath of fresh air! They are quite hard for standing and walking on but that can be easily resolved with the use of carpets and rugs. The tuiles Carreaux Metro has to be installed by an expert set of hands for an even fitting. Since ceramic is heavy, a professional will be able to assess the integrity of the structure before putting any more strain on the floor.

Ceramic tiles aren’t entirely unaffected by bulky loads. A heavy object can easily cause cracks to develop.