Monday, February 26

Blackout curtains a guide

Curtains are one of the symbols of perfect homes, useful and beautiful pieces of fabric that may provide you beauty, elegance, and many comfortable environments. Curtains are not only beneficial; they are also less expensive than any other helpful decorative items. That’s why whenever you may think of renovating the house the first, and maybe the only thing you will prefer to change will be your curtains. Window treatments vary the look of the entire room. A patterned curtain with light colors will give your room a fresh and comfortable look. On the other hand, a heavy pleat will turn your casual place into a formal living room.

Curtains are available in hundreds of different varieties, not only type but also a vast range of patterns, colors, styles, and designs. Many curtains will provide you some specific benefits, and many may give a universal feeling. Blackout curtains are also one of the types which may offer you many advantages and specific perks, i.e., blocking out light completely to give you a good night’s sleep or better media room.

Looking for blackout curtains for your master bedroom or some media room or studio, you still want them to look beautiful. After all, they depict your taste of style, don’t they? Here I have arranged a brief guide that might help you select and install a beautiful curtain.

Know your need:

Before buying blackout curtains, you must be sure what you want: a blackout curtain or dim light curtains. They both resemble a lot but have separate advantages. Blackout curtains are an excellent choice for bedrooms where you need complete blockage from street lights. They can be handy in media rooms too. A dim light curtain is more advantageous in media rooms where you might need some filtered light as compared to blackout.

Custom made dark light curtains might give you an edge that you can add an extra layer to use them as blackout curtains.

Benefits of Blackout Curtains:

These curtains provide you ultimate control over light into your room. Few benefits of blackout curtains are

  • Blackout curtains are a great temperature controller. They might keep heat in during winter and keep out the same in the summer season.
  • They promise you uninterrupted good night’s sleep. If you work at night and sleep at day time, blackout provides your room with complete blockage from light. Not only this, but the few qualities of the blackout curtain are also great at minimizing outside noise.
  • It also ensures to save your furniture from fading due to sunlight.

Types and styles:

Blackout curtains are available in the market in different styles and types.

  • You don’t need to be black to turn your room dark. Many dark colors with additional fabrics provide you complete darkness, like velvet navy blue or maroon. A top gourmet curtain with silver-coated back is quite popular as a blackout curtain in the market.
  • Curtains are available in different sizes, and you can opt-out for any hanging style.

Tips for installation:

Installation of blackout curtain is almost the same as ordinary curtain installation but take care of a few things to achieve complete darkness impact:

  • Always buy 20cm extra from measurement through either side along with the 40sm additional from width to get a better result. The drapes should be 15 cm extra from the bottom too.
  • A hanging rod or pole should be at least 20cm up from windows to get better coverage and sound effect.

Tips for cleaning:

Due to less use, blackout curtains don’t need lots of time in cleaning. But sooner or later you may need to clean them. The cleaning and maintenance of blackout curtains are effortless.

  • A daily vacuum: It is better to give your curtain a regular vacuuming then weakly cleaning to avoid dust absorption in the material.
  • In case of the spot, rub it with damp cloth along soap to erase it.
  • You can quickly go for dry cleaning or wash at home if the fabric is washable material.
  • Blackout curtains are a blessing indeed for bedrooms and media rooms. Correctly install the right type and to get benefits for a long time.