Thursday, February 22

Bring Your Options for the Perfect Roses Now


For the entrance, the roses are very good, since their flowering reaches an ideal height so that only by passing close, we delight with its aroma. In our opinion tulips or other seasonal bulbous are also successful options. When they stop producing flower, they can be replaced by the wallflowers that offer us so much color in the cold winter.

The features

Nor do they consist of filling the garden with flowers that give off odor, since the mixture of them can cause a bad sensation, so Zinnias are other plants that should not be missing, since they are beautiful but have no smell. The Chinese carnation is ideal for gardens. The use of the landscape design bluffton sc comes essential here now.

  • Upholstering plants are also not a bad choice, as some produce flowers in addition to not letting weeds out.
  • On the other hand, not the whole garden has to be full of plants, but there are other elements that make it a perfect place. For example, stones can help us to define the distribution of plants, that is, if we place the plants in circles or rectangles, we can use stones to emphasize these shapes.
  • Keep in mind, it is very important that the soil is well drained. A simple way to do this is to open holes in the garden, right where planting is going to take place, and add gravel, cover the hole and above, plant our plants. 

Do not forget that, throughout the year, plants modify their morphology and, therefore, their aesthetics in the garden as a whole.

The selection of plants is very important to keep creating an interesting image in each of the seasons that follow. In spring and summer we will seek to have colorful colors and foliage, as well as the floral compositions we want.

During fall the foliage will be very important and valuable in the design of the garden. In winter it will be good to have bushes and trees that stand out for their structure.

Vegetable scale

  • We must place the plants so that their heights match.
  • On the back, which we will preferably face north, we will place the tallest plants.
  • In the central row, we will put a row of medium-sized plants and different sizes that respond to the design imagined.
  • In the last row we must grow those plants that are smaller. Small plants can also be placed between all rows creating a repeating pattern to provide cohesion to the design.


People usually focus their attention on the most special plants in the garden. Keep in mind that all plants form a set within the design, and therefore do not downplay the plants that seem more common. Although the plants do not have striking flowers and colorful leaves or colorful shapes, these are the ones that will bring continuity to the garden design.