Saturday, May 18

Caring for Your Property during Winter

Winter brings in rough weather that seems to be getting colder and more drastic every year.  Although there’s no way to guarantee that your home will be able to handle a cold snap, you can and should do things to help make your chances better.  Here are some of the best ways to get your home ready for winter and the following spring.

Empty Your Gutters, Clear Your Roof

Your gutters are your home’s first defense against flooding and debris. Unfortunately, they can gather a lot of waste and end up causing further damage to your home.  Every fall, you should have your gutters cleaned and attempt to get as many leaves as possible off of your roof.  This plan doesn’t mean that you have to continually manage your roof or pick off every leaf the moment it falls- it monitors it and ensures that it’s evident before your first winter rain or snow.  An accumulation of snow and debris could build into a dam of ice that will damage your roof.

Rake Anything You Can

If your leaves aren’t raked off of your lawn, you could be left open to a lot of rot and dead grass in spring.  Instead, focus on clearing off your yard when the leaves are done falling and pay attention to avoid any building up of sticks or rot.

Ensure Any Animal Waste Is Picked Up

If you have dogs or other pets that use the yard as their bathroom, you should take the time to clear out the yard at least once a week.  A thawing out yard that’s covered in animal excrement is going to put off a terrible smell, and your animal’s feces are awful for the environment and local drinking water.  Scoop at least once a week, and put in the time to ensure your yard is well maintained.

Prepare Your Garden For Spring

If you like annuals in your yard in spring, late fall, and early winter is the time to put bulbs in the ground.  Pick out the flowers that match your zone, make sure they’re a species that’s okay to grow correctly and create a spot for them.  You can design your garden to show off specific colors or shapes in sections!  Don’t be afraid to go through gardening blogs to ensure your Knoxville real estate stays beautiful.

Ensure Exterior Pipes Are Insulated

Your pipes are only as good as the environment they’re exposed to.  Take the time to make sure your pipes are well insulated, cared for, and capable of withstanding the cold.  If you’re in an area that has gotten more cold weather than usual lately, talk to local heating and cooling experts about winterizing your home.

Have Salt and a Shovel On Hand

It would help if you were prepared for the worst that the weather can throw at you.  Keep a bag of road salt and a decent-sized flat-edged shovel on hand so that you can take care of any ice or snow buildup you experience.  The consensus is that you should shovel your driveway and any walking paths before too much foot or tire traffic happens.  The more it’s pressed down, the denser it will become.