Wednesday, April 24

Carpet Squares Pros and cons for offices

Carpets are the easiest ways to create warmth, comfort and beauty to your commercial and domestic place. The way you may install your carpet depends on your styling choice, budget and décor of the area. Rugs are part of our tradition from many years, and they are in continuous process of innovations since its inventions. In the last few decades, they have made a comeback with a lot of new types and varieties. No doubt, these new carpet trends are giving the flooring a fierce competition.

New technologies and techniques have made the carpet more beneficial than before. You may find a lot of varieties in the eco-friendly section of rugs. Now you may also have mats with tough fibers which are immune to UV light. That gives them an edge to be installed outside of your home.

Rugs or carpets are always providing its benefits to homeowners as well to commercial users. Enhancing the beauty of every corner of the office can add value and benefits with the overall vibes of the office. Selecting and deciding on kinds of flooring seems an easy task for offices, but it is not. A simple and elegant design can provide many benefits to your office space. Carpet Tiles are among one of those simple flooring ideas which give you tons of perks.

Carpets Tiles or carpet squares are the evolved form of carpets. Carpet Squares are small swatches of a rug made from large pieces of carpet. These carpet patches can be installed and combined in numerous ways. Carpet Squares are easy to maintain and provide acoustic advantages to your office area. I have created a list of pros and cons of carpet squares that can help you decide why to choose these tiles over all other flooring options.


  • Easy Installation: Installing any tile might take days and lots of efforts. Well, choose carpet tiles and forget all about it. Carpet squaresare easy to lift and more comfortable to transport. Modular tiles are generally pre-backed, so you have to install them into the subfloor, no need for any underlay. It will save a lot of energy and course money too. There is no need to leave them for long hours to settle down.
  • Sound insulators: A busy business means lots of the hustle and bustle at your workplace – that means a lot of noise. To make your workplace comforting carpet squares a crucial role as great sound insulators
  • Aesthetic attraction: Carpet Squares provide you with several designs at once. Bring carpet tiles at your office and let creativity run through you to install them in the way you want. You can play around with modular tiles the way you want and give your workplace a unique look. It will improve the aesthetics of your office area, and can bring a better image to your branding. Customers, guests and clients will definitely notice the unique appeal of your office – if it is modern, elegant and neat.
  • Easy maintenance: Carpet squares are easy to maintain and clean. At commercial places, it is hard to preserve things as you can at your home. These tiles are easy to maintain and clean so no more stress regarding maintenance cost.


  • Installation errors: Appropriate installation is crucial for carpet tiles installation. There is no doubt that carpet tiles are easily installed. But doing it yourself without any prior experience or taking the installation for granted can lead toward the disaster -which is awkward finishing of floor installment.
  • Non-Uniform Look: Although modular tiles are installed inch by inch, but yet it doesn’t guarantee a uniform look as broadloom carpets or any other tile formats. Many tiles give a finished look after installation, but these tiles typically don’t provide a smooth and finished look.
  • Sub-flooring compatibility: Carpet squares are installed on subfloors, and unfortunately, not all subfloors are compatible with these tiles.

Last but not the least; it’s you who have to decide what goes best for your office. If carpet squares are installed carefully then all of its cons can be avoided, and you may have a decent floor for a long time at your workspace.